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This is a fine selection of superb japanese restaurants all over the world. Don't miss the opportunity to assure yourself of the delicious food served in these restaurant. They're a must for every believer in japanese culinary, and for those who still want to become it!

Matsuhisa  Los Angeles, U.S.A.       Kintaro  Cologne, Germany

Yoshi  Vancouver, BC Shiro's  Seattle, U.S.A.

      Morimoto  Philadelphia, USA

Sushi Den  Denver, USA   Itsu  London, GB
Fujiyama  Cape Town, South Africa   Miura Hamamatsu/Japan


Matsuhisa_Logo MATSUHISA

129 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles
California, U.S.A.
Tel: 310/659 9639

This eclectic Japanese seafood house, run by chef Nobu Matsuhisa is definitely one of the best in the world. Since the opening in 1987 Mr. Matsuhisa, the Japanese chef creates wonderful japanese dishes with a touch of Peru, thanks to his experience in South America. Reviewers call it'best sushi outside Japan', 'seafood dishes like we've never tasted anywhere else', 'hauntingly good' and 'absolutely worldclass'.

Take your time and give yourself a treat with the creations of the sushichefs behind the counter. There are always daily specials which are a surprise and worth it. All sorts of fish, even the scarcer ones are always available and the quality is first rate. Besides sushis the whole palet of Japanese dishes is on the menu but seafood in exciting creations sometimes with a touch of Peru is number one. As the place is very popular it's always necessary to reserve a table.

Since 1995 Mr. Nobu Matsuhisa opened several branches of his very successful restaurants Matsuhisa and Nobu in New York, Aspen , Malibu, London, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Milano/Mailand (>>Bio and Infos)



Friesenstr. 16
50670 Köln/Cologne
Tel: 0221/135255

KINTARO is run by Mr. Takusaburo Arakawa (see image) and his german wife. This Japanese restaurant offers classical Japanese cuisine in perfection. Sushi prepared by Mr. Arakawa himself is a delight. As the restaurant keeps its fresh fish deepfreezed in special refrigerators, there is always extremely good sushi. The maguro melts in your mouth as well as all other sushis. Order handrolls with tuna or salmon, and you'll love it. The yakitori (skewers with chicken) is excellent as is the duck.

Entrées like mozukusu (sea weed in vinegar), hijiki (sea weed) or tako su (octopus, cucumber and sew weed in vinegar) are delicious. The service is led by Mrs. Arakawa, who always keeps a close contact to the guests (she also speaks Japanese, so a lot of Japanese guests are frequenting the restaurant), and there are several Japanese waitresses to help the guests to enjoy their meals, prepared by Mr. Arakawa and several other cooks behind the counter and in the kitchen. Reservation is absolutely necessary.



The Courtyard
100 Main Road
Sea Point
Cape Town
South Africa

FUJIYAMA is the Japanese restaurant in Cape Town. It's not only the food, but also the dramatic decor with modern Italian furniture and massive drapes which make Fujiyama a stand-out environment. A trio of japanese chefs make the sushi, sashimi. teppan yaki and all other classical dishes. The sushi is fresh and delicious and prepared to perfection. Only the service needs a little improvement, as most of the waiters seem to be students instead of classic waiters. While serving they are being closely watched by the Japanese chef and sometimes being helped if a dish is put on the table in the wrong direction. But this is more funny than annoying, so don't hesitate and give yourself a treat in Cape Town.


ITSU (former T'su)

118 Draycott Avenue
Chelsea, London, SW3 3AE
Phone: (020) 7584 5522
Fax: (020) 7581 8716

T´su changed its name to Itsu because customers had problems with pronouncation. It is the same place and offers an excellent quality of kaiten (conveyor belt). As they don't take reservations, they give you a beeper and you can wait in the upstairs bar. It is not classical sushi (though they offer maguro, sake and ebi) but another ´Nouvelle Japanese´ how I would call it. They have four different prices for their plates (White is 2.50 pounds, Red is 2.95, Black is 3.25, Gold is 3.50). Try ´crab avocado sushi´ for 2.50, have ´beef carpaccio with tsu herb pesto´ for 2.95, then a plain ´tuna sushi´ for 3.25, have an excellent ´seared tuna with ginger mustard sauce´ for 3.50 and finish with a ´Grilled pineapple with butterscotch sauce' for dessert. Other dishes worth mentioning are 'Marinated salmon and chives' and hot dishes like 'Bonito duck broth' or 'Beef and black beans in a mango sauce'. The hot dishes are on little stoves on the kaiten. Behind the counter three chefs are constantly preparing fresh dishes and put them on the kaiten. As there is always a constant flow of customers, most dishes hardly make one round. For drinks they offer all sorts of soft drinks as well as beer, sake and a good wine list. Don´t forget to count your plates, it is not the cheapest place but definitely worth it.



Japanese Restaurant
689 Denman Street Vancouver BC
Phone: (604) 738-TABO (8226)
Fax: (604) 801-5076

THIS IS IT ! Definitely one of the finest Japanese restaurants on this planet. Behind the sushi bar three chefs are preparing the finest Japanese food you can imagine. If you are adventurous and your budget allows it, just tell them to go ahead. They will serve the most creative and inventive sushi and sashimi and other culinary highlights, you would want to live there. Their dishes follow old traditions instead of fancy cuisine. For example a marinated maguro: they take pieces of maguro and marinate them for about 20 minutes in sake, soy sauce and mirin. That was used for conservation in prerefrigerator times. Their daily specials can include basashi (horsemeat sashimi from Calgary, tasting like excellent beef) or kimpira gobo (marinated burdock root), hokke hiraki ( grilled link cod from Japan). Japan being only 10 hours away they try to get many ingredients from Japan hardly seen on any other menu. The sushi is of excellent quality and the portions are generous. They also offer kaiseki menus as a mini-full course dinner or as a full course dinner. Prices range from $35.00 to daily prices, depending on the ingredients. They also have a sakemenu wih sakes hardly found anywhere else in North America (Tokubetsu Jumnai Josen Masukagami, Jumnai Ginjoushu, Junmai Daiginjou Masukagami).They serve their treasures in wonderful glassware which is stowed behind the sushi bar. Cold sake is offered in a flask sitting in a bowl of ice decorated with a fresh flower. For all you sushi lovers out there: get a ticket to Vancouver and get spoiled!



2410 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) 443-9844

This is certainly one of the finest Japanese Restaurants on the Westcoast. Reservation is absolutely necessary. The restaurant is quite small with three chefs (Chef Shiro Kashiba used to work at Nikko) preparing sushi behind the sushi counter. The service is attentive and excellent. If you sit at the table, the mainly Japanese waitresses will bring you an orderform for the sushi (sushis are per piece ,not pair). Any sushi you order is of the highest quality (hamachi,maguro, toro, albacore, kingcrab, unagi). Spicytuna roll (filled with carrot and lots of tabasco) or salmon skin roll are delicious. For starters try albacore sashimi which is extremely nice, also smelt tataki is a great entree besides standards like spinach or mozukusu. The presentation of cold sake is sensational. They use wonderful blue vaselike glassflasks, which have a dent at the lower part, where a few icecubes are stored. So the sake is chilled without putting the whole bottle in an icepail. Most of the guests seeem to be regulars and I would if I would live there. Shiro´s is definitely worth the trip to Seattle!!



723 Chestnut Street,Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, USA


The restaurant is run by Mr. Masaharu Morimoto, famed chef of the TV show Iron Chef. He also worked at Nobu's in New York for six years until he decided to open up his own restaurant. In Philadelphia he found a partner investing in his knowledge as a chef and the restaurant was opened on 723 Chestnut Street.
For a meeting with several Sushi World Guide friends we decided Moromoto to be the place. And the choice was perfect !
Here are a few quotes from the guests (for more read the report or go to the restaurant's website).

Doug Schneider enjoyed:
- Chilled puree of edamame with flash-fried lotus root garnish topped with a sprig of shiso leaves.
- Giant trans-Pacific oyster seared in hot sesame oil with a ginger dressing.
- Red snapper salad garnished with cress on a bed of cucumber shavings.

Steve Otruba's experience:
-....from this point on I was pretty quiet except for the occasional groans of pleasure as I ate this wonderful combination of Toro, Hamachi, Kanpachi, Hirame, Aji, Tako, Anago and Tamago...

and finally Randy Pulliam:
- He ordered Oyster Foie Gras, 1/2 dz. Blue Point Oysters with three different sauces (japanese salsa, ceviche and thai fish sauce) and some sushi. Foie Gras and the Blue Point Oysters were extremely excellent (He'd let us try one).

So Philadelphia is worth a stop for having a delicious meal (lunch or dinner).


Sushi Den

1487 S. Pearl, Denver,
Colorado, USA
Phone: (303) 777-0826


You wouldn't expect a great Japanese restaurant in a landlocked place like Colorado. But Sushi Den is really doing an excellent job. They serve traditional as well as inventive sushi which are not classic, but very tasty. Besides that they offer a great selection of entrees and other dishes. Up to seven sushichefs are working behind the counter. If you sit at the long sushibar you have a chance to watch them cuttung fish as well as talking to them and ask for special treatment. The sushiportions are generous and the prices are reasonable. Since Sushi Den is so popular you reservation is necessary or expect a long wait (You can have drinks while you wait at the bar and they'll give you a beeper). It is a huge and sometimes noisy operation, but the food is excellent.



Hamamatsu Sanarudai 35-5
Tel: (063) 448-3101


This little restaurant in the town of Hamamatsu (south coast west of Nagoya) is not on the ususal tourist trail of Kyoto/Tokyo. I happended to visit this place on a recent trip to Japan and I think this is worth a detour. The chef, Mr. Masaaki Miura runs this fine sushi restaurant. Just go there, sit at the counter and order what you'll see. You'll be delighted.


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