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Where and when...? More guides to Japanese restaurants:

The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference by John Maraist.
What you can't find here you might find there !

Tokyo Food Page. A complete guide to Japanese cuisine and eating in Tokyo, with recipes, articles on Japanese cooking, restaurant listings, culinary travel tips and more.

Here is a website with lots of very useful information about your beloved sushi.

Excellent site with more than 600 restaurant listings in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.
Plus additional information on Japanese food.

A site for Restaurants in Geneva/Switzerland with extra information about books and other related items.

A site devoted to Ramen

For the best London restaurants ...

Japanese restaurants in the Montreal area

First website about sushi in Israel

How to...? Be your own sushi chef:

Miyamoto is a Montreal based company offering sushi classes as well as a lot of Japanilia to be ordered at their website.

California Sushi Academy: Website of this institue located in Venice, California

Chef Kenji reveals secret methods to making sushi and sashimi as well as Japanese cuisines. Watch and learn complex techniques made simple and fast!

At, we sell an all new kitchen gadget that allows consumers to make sushi at home.

Fish and ingredients... Where can I buy wasabi ?

The Sushi Foods Co. offers as well fresh fish and ingredients: Salmon, Tuna, Bonito, Eel, Mushrooms, Spice, whatever you imagine...

Mount Fuji is a UK based online food shop for a wide range of Japanese food products and Japanese services. Mount Fuji lets you shop for Japanese food and delivers it to your door. The Japanese food shop contains over 200 items of specially chosen Japanese food.

We are a commercial growers of fresh sawa Wasabi in North America and we have now expanded to 7 farms in British Columbia and 1 farm in the US

Wasabi Pacific - The largest growers of fresh wasabi in North America. Fresh wasabi is shipped daily direct from the growers in Oregon. Learn about fresh wasabi, order on-line, try recipes, and learn the difference between powdered and tubed wasabi and the real thing.

The site owners grow wasabi in New Zealand and have, after many years trial, come up with a way of producing high quality New Zealand wasabi paste. The site tells the story, gives recipes and describes various cultivation methods, as well as offering the product for sale. Nice site for all you green freaks out there!

Where can you order fresh fish and it will be delivered? All of those companies offer tuna and other seafood at reasonable prices and deliver it. - check miscellaneous

The website of Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, a company offering certified organic sea vegetables (Kelp, nori, Alaria, etc...). Visit their recipes and informations featuring website to find out more about this interesting products:

Order fish via

Online shops... Knives, tableware, kimonos...

Miyamoto is a Montreal based online store for all sorts of Japanalia. They also offer sushi classes

Following their purpose: 'Making Sushi Convenient', the 'Sushi Food Co.' offers everything needed for your own sushi. The beginner can order a starter kit ($19.99) with an instructional booklet, the professional can get various rice cookers and rice press, bowls, knifes and a lot of other equipment.

Another good source for online sushi items. One section of the website is dedicated to Asian food products, cookbooks & serving ware.

Sushi and Japanese Market in Scottsdale/Arizona. Unique Japanese Items, Sushi Equipment, Kits and Gourmet Japanese Ingredients.

Japanese Green Tea

Hier können Sie Sushimesser bestellen (Deutsche site). Here you can order sushiknives (German Site).

The official Sushi Clock Homepage. Visit Noriko Kuwabara's nice website showing examples of her great art.
You'll be surprised!

Fine Japanese Art. Netsuke, Inro, Ojime, Lacquer and Tsuba, distributed by the company of Michael R. Bernstein. There is an extended gallery, showing good pictures of the various items.

Garden-Gifts offers an extensive website for ordering all sorts of Japanese related items.

Asahi Japan Collectibles from Kensington, Connecticut. Here you can order Japanese culture related goods such as kimonos, Ukyio-e art, Japanese dolls and so on.

Australian designer sushi plates

OTSUMAMI-LAND supplies Japanese quality food products throughout Europe.

Shop in Germany (Bielefeld) selling all kinds of Japanalia.

Hand crafted Edo Fune(sushi boat) as a serving dish for sushi.

Teanobi sells all sorts of green tea through their website. Based in San Francisco.

Green Tea Time from Canada has a wide selction and delivers worldwide.

Mika's Selection: A fine selection of Japanese potteries from Shigaraki.

Culture and lingo... Kore wa nan desu ka?

Hissa Takeuchi's french website about japanese cuisine. The japanese chef Takeuchi is a confectioner, French cuisine chef and Japanese cuisine head chef. The site informs about his projects, about sushi and much more.

The Global Gourmet is a section of the eGG (electronic Gourmet Guide). Here you can find Kate Heyhoe's well written and compiled cookbook and weekly news column. There is of course an extended Japan chapter, featuring background informations, recipes and nice insights into the world of Japanese traditions.

Official web site for Kodansha International documenting the best in Japanese culture, including Language, Martial Arts, Home & Gardens, Hobbies, Travel, Cooking, Art and Literature.

Learn Japanese online with instant streaming audio lessons and flash movies. Discover Japanese culture, art, and learn all about Japanese food.

Let's have a peek... The web cams in sushi bars:

Masato's near Beaver Creek:

Liquid Japan. More than just a drink:

Cha No Yu - The Way of Tea
A web site by Ken & Natsuko Kato introducing the traditional Japanese tea ceremony ('Chado') with practical suggestions.

Come together! Societies and groups:

Sticky Rice - for people who eat sushi. A site created by a group of sushi enthusiasts:

The website of the National Association of Japanese Canadians, an organisation representing the Japanese-Canadian community. Last year their sub-group 'Young Japanese Canadians' organised a Sushi-Making Workshop. You can contact them via webpage to find out whether they offer similar workshops in the future:

For those who dare... More about Nippon:

Excellent source for a lot of Japanese related webites. Everything Japan, from About Japan to Yu Gi Oh Japanese.
Japan Zone: Travel Guide, Popular Culture, History and Japenese Etiquette
The Japan Reference Page is a excellent linkcollection for all subjects of Japan.
Schauwecker's guide to Japan:
An extensive portal web site about Japan and Japanese culture in general. There is also a chapter about Japanese food, an excellent essay about Japanese wedding ceremony and interesting photo exhibitions (check out the Shanghai 1937 page). You find here almost everything having to do with Japan. There is a German version too.

If you enjoy a good Haiku, you may like Ukio-E: the Haiku for the eye. Jim Breen's Ukio-E Gallery shows a collection of the famous japanese woodblock printmaking. Here you can see works of old japanese masters like Hiroshige, Hokusai or the beautiful women's portraits by Utamaro. The site also offers a great variety of links to other web ressources featuring japanese art, especially Ukio-E:

If you want to face Japan, you can't skip these pages. So join the world of Sumo and meet the famous heavy-weight rikishi:

So you think you know all about Japan, about Sushi, Sake and Sumo? Here you find all you don't know about Yakuza, the men with dark sunglasses, black suits and large tattoos:

A mixture of food and philatelic links.

Lots of infos about travels to Japan

Professional Restaurant Euipment:

The company based in The Netherlands is a supplier for all sorts of
restaurant equipment for Sushi and Asian type restaurants.

SIN MI is a wholesale trading agency in Rep. of Korea for sushi machines a gadgets used in restaurants and food markets. They look for new agents outside of Korea. You can see their products on their web site which is completely translated to English.

Company for sushi robots, conveyor systems and all kinds of sushi bar equipment.

American Restaurant Equipment Company. Here you can order refrigerated sushi cases manufactured by Hoshizaki company.

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