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Azuma Sushi

Azuma Sushi

Name:Azuma Sushi
Address:219 Hartsdale Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530
Phone:(914) 725-0660
Opened:Closed Mondays
Reviews:"The best sushi restaurant in Westchester. Azuma is a totally low key and traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. I would rate them just below Sushisay and Hatsuhana in Manhattan."
- Stewart Feuerstein ( [February 20th 1998]
" It´s hard to believe that with all the great japanese cuisine in New York City, North America´s best kept secret is located 30 minutes north in Hartsdale, Westchester. I highly recommend calling ahead of time to reserve a coveted seat at the bar in order to appreciate the high quality of the fish. This is not easy, since the restaurant is small, and the Japanese poulation in Hartsdale and surrounding communities is quite large. Until you have eaten at Azuma, you have not tried the best New York (and perhaps North America !) has to offer. "
- Todd Slater ( [May 31st 1999]


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