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Restaurant number 4000 listed ! See the report

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Dear Sushi Fans and Japanese Food Lovers

Restaurant number 4000 listed !

Mr. Miguel Martín Malcolm from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
has sent the following review from his favourite Japanese restaurant on this Spanish island. The restaurant 'Kamakura'.
Just in time to be listed as restaurant number 4000 on the ever popular 'Sushi World Guide'.
The Sushi World Guide crew wants to thank all users, friends, fans of
Japanese cuisine for their loyal support for more than 10 years on the
internet. The year 2006  marked the 10th anniversary of the 'Sushi World
Guide' and the community is still growing. Welcome to the 'Wikipedia of

Domo arigato to everybody

Report Restaurant 1000 | Report Sushi World Guide meeting at Morimoto - Philadelphia | Report Restaurant 4000 Las Palmas - Gran Canary - Spain

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This site is the ultimate site when it comes to sushi around the world.
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