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December 2nd 1997 - The Final Report
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Dear sushi world guide fans:

Finally we made it to Destin, Florida to award Harbor Docks, Yoshie the sushi chef and Curt Eddings, who submitted Harbor Docks.

We (the author, the webdesigner and our new marketing associate) flew to New Orleans and spent three nights there to celebrate Halloween and to check out some restaurants. We went to 'Samurai' and 'Kyoto' in New Orleans, which were both very nice.

Then we drove to Destin, were we met Curt Eddings and Yoshie at Harbor Docks. We brought T-Shirts (which will be available soon at our site to order online) and an award for both which they enjoyed very much.

Harbor Docks is not just a Japanese restaurant but a Seafood restaurant at the coast. At night they have a sushi bar, run by Yoshie, which serves pretty good sushi. Especially their rolls are nice and very inventive in naming them. Here a list of some of their delicacies:
  • Bansai Roll (eel, avocado and cucumber with spicy sauce)

  • The Choleste-Roll (bacon, shrimps, egg and avocado with spicy sauce)

  • The Destin Roll (tuna, avocado and green onion with spicy sauce)

  • Philly Roll (smoked salmon, avocado and green onion with cream cheese)

Yoshie is an institution there and (what we really didn't know until visiting them) the wife of Curt Eddings (Mr. Eddings worked as a photographer for the army in Japan and Korea, speaks japanese and has many stories to tell).

Besides the sushi bar the owner wants to set up some Hibachi tables in the near future. During the evening it also seems to be the local watering hole. In the morning they offer a great american breakfast (no sushi, the sushi bar opens only for dinner).

Destin offers wonderful beaches and all possible watersports activities like scuba diving (check with the cool guys at Aquanauts Diving Centre!) and game fishing. So if you go to Destin, check out Harbor Docks and say hello to Yoshie and many regards from the Sushi World Guide.

The Sushi World Guide is still growing and we are waiting to list our 2000th restaurant. So keep on eating and mailing.

Oktober 27th 1997
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The staff of The Sushi World Guide is now on the way to Destin!

For being the chef of The Sushi World Guide's 1000th Restaurant, we will hand over a special Award to Yoshie at 'Harbor Docks' on Saturday Evening (November 1st). Our winner Curt Eddings, who kindly sent us a photo of himself, will witness the ceremony. Check with this page next week for the final report and photos from the 'Harbor Docks' Japanese Restaurant!

September 8th 1997
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It took us a while to track down Curt Eddings, but we finally have an answer from him:

Dear Michael, terribly sorry for the late reply. It's very exciting to win anything. Yoshie (the sushi chef) is in Philadelphia for two weeks in september. In addition to all her endeavours she works for a catering company which caters the crew and cast for movie sets. The one in Philly is with Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey as the two primary stars. As could be expected she goes there and makes Sushi for the Stars. The catering company is TomKats catering out of Nashville, Tenn. Anyway, she will be gone for about two weeks and then return to Florida. Sorry I don't have any photos of myself. Which is strange since I own my own Photography Studio in Ft. Walton Beach. Let me know what you want to do.

Thanks again. ;)
Curt Eddings

So we are still curious how Curt looks as well as Yoshie. As soon as we have news we will let you know. In the meantime anyone who is close to Destin and has a chance to take a picture from the Restaurant, Yoshie or even Curt, please do so and give us a note, since we don't have a chance before the end of October to visit Curt and Yoshie for a proper Awards Ceremony. Thanx again to everyone for contributing to THE SUSHI WORLD GUIDE. Let's find Restaurant 2000 !!

August 7th 1997
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Several weeks ago we have announced a sweepstake in search for restaurant number 1000 at the Sushi World Guide. The restaurant will get an award and the user will be invited to a dinner for two.



Name:Harbor Docks
Address: Highway 98 East, Destin, Florida 32541
Phone:(850) 837-2506
Fax:(850) 654-1851
Opened:5.30pm-10.30pm for Sushi Bar


Curt Eddings (


And this is what Curt Eddings wrote:
"Sushi Bar is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. It is operated by a wonderful woman named Yoshie. Although taboo in Japan for females to be a sushi chef. I have tried sushi all over Japan (17 years) and many, many places in the USA hers is unequivocally one of the best. People will leave the restaurant if Yoshie is not there to make it. Harbor Docks is a seafood restaurant with fresh daily fish from its own seafood market."


As soon as possible we will have photographs of the restaurant, Yoshie, Curt Eddings and the award ceremony on this page. For those who have no idea where Destin is located we provide a few useful links:

Both links provide useful information about Destin, "The Luckiest Fishing Village In The World" and its emerald beaches. Especially check out the Destin Fishing Rodeo which is held annualy in October or order fresh Gulf seafood online at:

or call toll free 888-222-SURF. A big "THANK YOU" to all who sent us in their favourite japanese restaurants with mouth-watering reviews in the last weeks! Feel free to check this page in the next weeks for a detailed report on the "Harbor Docks" Sushi Bar.

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