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Sushi Roll's Sushihome SushiHome
SushiHome Delivery


Address:6 Norte, San Martin, Vina del Mar
Reviews:"This nice-looking restaurant is not at all cheap but the sushi wasn't that good and the tempura very disappointing. But it's the only one in Vina... "
- Michael Shohat ( [July 24th 2001]
"Nice place, beautifully decorated, nice staff. The food is good, and the ice creams they offer are superb. Very expensive though. "
- [July 23rd 2007]

Vina del Mar


Address:6 Norte 96, Vina del Mar
Phone:(56) 32-2993438
Fax:(56) 32-2993438
Review:"Traditional and modern japanese restaurant and sushibar. "
- Luis Alberto Herrera Severin ( [April 24th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website

Vina del Mar

Sushi Hana

Name:Sushi Hana
Address:Casino (2nd floor), Vina del Mar
Review:"Itīs the best one in Vina del Mar. Itīs right inside the casino on the second floor.. ENJOY!!!!"
- [April 8th 2005]

Vina del Mar

Sushi Roll's

Name:Sushi Roll's
Address:Diego portales 641, Viņa del mar
Opened:Noon - 11pm
Reviews:" "
- Eduardo ( [June 2nd 2003]
"The best choice to take the phone and order the best sushi in this city. "
- jorge romero ( [Sept 26th 2003]

Vina del Mar


Address:4 poniente 416, Vina del mar
Phone:(56-32) 686109
Opened:Tue - Sun: Noon - 11pm
Reviews:" "
- Nicolas Gardilcic ( [May 19th 2003]
"Lucho.......You are the best !!!! "
- [Oct 2005]
"Beautiful place, with excellent food. A great variety of dishes and drinks. Reasonable prices. The staff sometimes doesn't seem to be very interested in 'serving', had one or two bad experiences with a waitress and a waiter who were rude. They take a rather long time to bring the food, specially when it's full, and since it's a small place, that happens quite often. Even so, it is still highly recommendable, as it has a very quiet enviroment and an excellentlocation. "
- [July 23rd 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website

Vina del Mar


Address:5 Norte 490, Vina del Mar
Phone:(56-32) 2693855
Opened:12:30 pm- 00:45 am
Review:"The best choice in Vina del Mar, excellent music and environment. "
- Nicolas Gardilcic D. ( [July 13th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website

Vina del Mar

SushiHome Delivery

Name:SushiHome Delivery
Address:6 Norte 318, Vina del Mar
Phone:(56-32) 2686109
Opened:12:30 pm- 10:30 pm
Review:"Take out and delivery. "
- Nicolas Gardilcic D. (
Link:Restaurant Website

Vina del Mar

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