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Acassuso, Argentina/Argentinien.

El Molino Sushi Bar Leny San Sushi Bar Sushi Club

El Molino Sushi Bar

Name:El Molino Sushi Bar
Address:Elcano 888, 1640 Acassuso
Opened:daily, sushi only at dinnertime
Reviews:"Acassuso is located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, about 15 miles north of down town. The sushi bar is located on the river side. The place is a windsurfers stop place, so its a really cool atmosphere,not as expensive as other places in Argentina and at night you can have sushi and other meals too (in case your companion is not impressed by the raw fish - if you can call sushi that way). The chef, Gabriel, will do his best to please your tastes. He used to work at the Cesars Hotel, at the restaurant Midori (see there). Unfortunately he is leaving (end april 1997) to stay in Japan for one year. As he said himself: I want to see if everything that I was taught by my master is true. I take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate you for your sushi site, it is very useful and very neat too. "
- Tomas Franke (
"El Molino Sushi Bar, it NO LONGER sells woks as a sushi bar, its a Restro _ Bar for wind sufers,as its along the river side of the River Plate, sorry ...... "
- Bob Frassinetti [Jan 26th 2005]


Leny San Sushi Bar

Name:Leny San Sushi Bar
Address:Dardo Rocha 1028, Acassuso
Opened:Mon-Sun: 8pm - 2 am
Review:"I'm absolutely addicted to this,Leny San Sushi Bar. Its a lovely establishment, the menu, the people, the price, absolutely everything. And its in great place, Acassuso - Martinez. "
- Bob Frassinetti [Nov 13th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Club

Name:Sushi Club
Address:Del Libertador 15266, Acassuso
Phone:0-810-222-SUSHI (78744)
Opened:Noon-4pm, 8pm-2am
Review:"Nice place, very nice place, very good service and great food. "
- Bob Frassinetti ( [Nov 12th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website


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