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Yamasan CLOSED !

Yamasan CLOSED !

Name:Yamasan CLOSED !
Address:1427 228th Street Southeast, Bothell, WA 98021
Phone:(425) 398-0953
Opened:Mon-Sun: 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm
Reviews:"This small family owned and operated restaurant is possibly the best sushi restaurant in Washington State. Yamasan is a great artist and his portions and signiature rolls are outstanding. His son is training to take over and this has sped up production, but it can still be slow. If you are going for lunch arrive at 11:50 or make reservations. This small restaurant serves excellent traditional japanese dishes also. A friend of mine who fought me tooth and nail as I drug him in there claiming, 'A sushi restaurant? What will I eat?' He thoroughly enjoyed the teriyaki which was more than just sauce soaked meat, but a wonderful mixture of poatatoes and vegetables made him return without me. Try the honey's punch a spicy scallop roll with crab and flying fisheggs. Excellent. He also has items not on the menu that he saves for his special clientelle. Yamasan is a true treasure. Highly Recommended. "
- M. McLemore ( [March 5th 2003]
"I have moved here from Louisiana about three years ago and am very hard to impress when it comes to food. Don't ask me what I think about the cuisine in Seattle, I would give you an earful. BUT there is one restaurant that I dearly love and do consider my favorite restaurant and that is Yamasan. This small family owned restaurant has won my heart when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Whether you're a sushi eater or would rather something more cooked, Yamasan has it all. The waitresses should be commended for their wonderful and friendly service. Sometimes you see only one waitress working the entire floor and you have to be patient. But the food is worth the wait! I have found different items (raw or cooked) at Yamasan that I really enjoy. Try their mutsu, it is to die for. The steak tei(wafu) is a great cooked item to choose for you sushi shy eaters. All in all, Yamasan is the best of all the sushi restaurants in the Seattle area. And one of my best friend! ds from Canada will vouch that Yamasan is better than sushi restaurants that she has been to in Vancouver. Try it.. you'll love it too! "
- E. Pham [August 30th 2004]
"Sadly for the Sushi loving public, Yamasan's has closed. The best Sushi restaurant in Western Wahington has placed a benchmark that few will attain. "
- Russ Moye [June 8th 2006]


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