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Flo Japanese Restaurant I Love Sushi Sushiya
Taste of Tokyo CLOSED ! Tokyo

Flo Japanese Restaurant

Name:Flo Japanese Restaurant
Address: 1011 - 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone:(425) 453-4005
Review:"Excellent new location with wonderful and colorful entre's. Very fresh and atractive food and good service. "
- Todd Rosenberg ( [Jan 5th 2004]


I Love Sushi

Name:I Love Sushi
Address:11818 Northeast 8th Street, Bellevue, WA
Phone:(206) 454-5706
Review:"I was surprised to see that there are not more rave reviews of ´I Love Sushi´. Perhaps all the trendy locals want to keep this place a secret in the nouveau riche Microsoft millionaire country. The place is always packed when I´m there, especially with young Japanese software developers and their families along with an interesting mix of other locals who seemed to all know each other. A beehive of four or five chefs typically buzz around behind the bar making very tasty treats. It´s not easy to find and there´s not much parking but it´s worth trying to find."
- JB ( [June 29th 1999]



Name:Sushiya Japanese Restaurant
Address:300-110th Ave NE # 104, Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone:(425) 467-1453
Fax:(425) 467-1453
Opened:Daily: 10am - 10pm
Review:"Not fancy on the decor, but good food,very nice and helpful owners. Small operation but top quality food at reasonable price. Lots of locals seen in this location. "
- Todd Rosenberg ( [Jan 5th 2004]


Taste of Tokyo CLOSED !

Name:Taste of Tokyo CLOSED !
Address:825 NE 116th Ave. (overlake hospital), Bellevue, WA
Phone:(425) 455-0222
Reviews:"This restaurant was the worst restaurant that Ive ever been to. The atmosphere sitting near the sushi bar was horrible. The two sushi chefs were rude to the both the servers and the customers. The tables were sticky and the water glasses had some lipstick stains on it. Plus, I observed the sushi chefs cross contaminating the food. The same cutting board that they used for slicing up the raw fish they were dicing the cucumbers. This place needs to be notified to the health board let alone be known on the restaurant reviews page."
- Jack Robinson ( [June 28th 2000]
" I've been a regular at Taste of Tokyo for last 2 years and I can't believe that someone wrote such an offensive review, they serve probably the best sushi in Seattle in my personal opnion. "
- Jay ( [October 11th 2000]
Link:Restaurant Website



Name:Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
Address:3500 128th Avenue, (Loehmann´s Plaza), NE Bellevue, WA
Phone:(425) 641-5691
Opened:Mon - Fri lunch, dinner daily
Reviews:"This is a wonderful place to enjoy sushi or other Japanese favorites. Wonderful sushi Chefs. Pleasant atmosphere."
- Scott Anderson ( [August 2nd 1997]
"Authentic Japanese cuisine, great atmosphere (cute goldfish), friendly servers and excellent sushi/sashimi !"
- Sheri R. Sakagawa ( [October 24th 1997]


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