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Ginza Kyushu´s Mahi Mahs
Nara Sushi Osaka This Old House
Tokyo Inn


Name:Ginza Japanese Restaurant
Address:3972 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone:(757) 431-8000
Review:" They have an outstanding spicy tuna mix for an appetizer and always have fresh sushi and wasabi. Also on Wed they have an all you can eat sushi night for 13.95, and the different selection of sushi is large."
- Rick Lynden ( [August 23rd 1999]

Virginia Beach


Address:400 Newtown Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone:(757) 490-1177
Fax:(757) 490-2892
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm, Sat: 5pm - 9pm
Review:"Kyushu´s is a wonderful restaurant for sushi in the Virginia Beach area. Although very, very small, the restaurant is clean with a nice atmosphere. The service is very good. The sushi is of exceptional quality and has always been very fresh. Portions are above average. The sushi rolls are good although not extremely creative (with exception of the Spider roll). They also do not make a rainbow roll but do provide a variety of sushi dinners. We highly recommend Kyushu´s of VA Beach."
- Ben and Brenda ( [May 31st 1999]

Virginia Beach

Mahi Mahs

Name:Mahi Mahs
Address:615 Atlantc Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Opened:11.30 am - 11pm
Review:"Best sushi bar in Virginia Beach."
- James Kim ( [Auguat 3rd 2000]

Virginia Beach

Nara Sushi

Name:Nara Sushi
Address:717 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Phone:(757) 456-5111
Fax:(757) 490-0109
Opened:7 days a week for us addicts!
Review:"Kevin is the best sushi chef ever! He has a real flair and is so friendly you feel right at home."
- Brandi Mikovits [June 22nd 2000]

Virginia Beach


Name:Osaka Japanese Restaurant
Address:1807 Mediterranean Ave., Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone:(757) 428-8609
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 4.30pm - 10pm, Fri,Sat: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 4.30pm -11pm, Sun: 4.30pm - 10pm
Review:" After a day of Kayacking or a day at the beach the Osaka Sushi bar is a great place to me and eat Sushi. Sit at their Sushi bar which seats 10 people and order the Osaka Roll at $5 and the Crazy Horse Roll at $5.Their Spicy Beach Roll is very good at $4.95. Buy their Spicy Lobster Roll at $10.45. It was worth it..Go to Osaka when in Virginia Beach"
- Steve Schneider ( [November 27th 1998]

Virginia Beach

This Old House

Name:This Old House
Address:Aragona Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA
Review:"This is without a doubt the best sushi restaurant ever! There is only one sushi chef, which is a good thing because you know that your food is being prepared by the man himself. Mr. Lee is a great chef and he is very creative. Portions are big (to fit the american appetite)and the flavor is out of this world. The first thing you should try is the 'good to go' piece (either salmon or white tuna). This is the best thing anyone has ever tasted. It is a number 1 item. The atmosphere is personal and inviting. "
- Blaire McCoy [Ap 3rd 2007]

Virginia Beach

Tokyo Inn

Name:Tokyo Inn
Address:371 Independence Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone:(757) 497-4448
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11.30am - 1.30pm, 5.30pm - 10pm, Sat: 5.30pm-11pm, Sun: 5pm-10pm
Reviews:"The Tokyo Inn provides some of the finest quality of sushi in the Norfolk/VA Beach area. The chefs are very personable, and the service is good (although sometimes a tad slow). The sushi is of the highest quality with exceptional tuna, eel, and yellowtail. The salmon roe could be more plentiful. Atmosphere is decent, although it can be noisy and may contain cigarette smoke. A must try for sushi lovers."
- Ben and Brenda ( [September 6th 1998]
" Continues to be one of the best places for sushi in all the world! Keichie is the man on friday and sat nights!!! and the service is so personable and wonderful!!! gotta to give us more salmon roe tho kiechie!!!!!!!!! need a heaping tablespoon of the good stuff!! "
- Ben ( [April 8th 2001]

Virginia Beach

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