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Nagoya Osaka


Address:6963 Hechinger Drive, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone:(703) 914-2727
Opened:11am - 10.30pm, closed on tuesdays
Reviews:"Very good. Only sushi buffet place that I been to that had variety. Also, the buffet came with 16 item chinese buffet. Excellent restaurant."
- John Suh ( [February 6th 1998]
"I want sushi."
- ( [April 5th 1998]
"They have mediocre sushi at best."
- ( [April 20th 1998]
"Great place to eat all you want. Sushi buffet restaurant with great variety. Family owned."
- John Suh
" This is the best sushi restaurant for the dollar. You can't get better variety for the money. Where else can you eat all you can eat sushi for under $12... no where. You can also order sashimi or your personal order of sushi. The owners are friendly and the atmosphere is family oriented. Email: "
- Bobby Suh ( [Decmeber 4th 2001]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:6701 Loisdale Road #K, Springfield, VA 22150
Phone:(703) 971-9444
Reviews:"Their sushi is terrific, particularly for a suburban, strip-mall sort of area."
- ( [April 20th 1998]
"On the advice of previous comment, we tried Osaka and their sushi SUCKS!!! We have tried other restaurants in the area and recommend ´Hama Sushi´ and ´JR3´ for new patrons of Osaka. Be prepared to be disappointed."
- Sushi Man ( [June 8th 1998]
"I have come to really appreciate this place I have eaten all over and its easy to see that not only are the people warm and friendly but the sushi is a AWESOME! Their portions are a little small but for $1 a piece you can not complain. The soup and salad they greet you with is perfect and I would definitely recommend this restaurant to any one in Northern Virginia. "
- Brett Thompson ( [March 19th 2004]
"My wife and I moved out to Springfield from closer to D.C., and we were worried that it would be hard to find good sushi nearby. We were very pleasantly surprised by Osaka! We've visited three or four times in the last few months and the quality of the sushi has always been great. We're served quickly, the free soup is great and the salad is acceptable. They have some interesting combinations that I hadn't tried before. Overall, EXCELLENT! Things must have changed since the negative review that was left back in 1998. "
- Mike ( [Dec 28th 2005]
"Average sushi.Small cuts on the sushi and maki. "
- [Mar 18th 2009]


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