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Sake House Tokyo Japanese Cuisine

Sake House

Name:Sake House
Address:141 Electric Road,Lakeside Plaza, Roanoke, VA
Phone:(540) 986-1207
Reviews:"Wonderful Sushi prepared in your view. Tempura and other Japanese fare also. Excellent service. "
- James Baker ( [July 7th 2002]
"I'm a complete sushi and sashimi NUT! Gotta have it, gotta have it and to date, this restaurant has by FAR the best I've had! Super atmosphere, wonderful owner, fabulous chef!"
- Laurie Graham ( [July 13th 2002]
"Hard to believe that Salem, Virginia has a treasure of a sushi restaurant in Sake House. We have tasted sushi from many restaurants in many places from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles and we have yet to find one that serves better sushi. OK, so the sushi chef is from Honduras, but I don't care since he has fresh and tasty ingredients and he knows how to 'roll' them! The owner and staff are very nice and attentive. Make sure to try the fried rice! Many Japanese who are employed at a local tire manufacturer frequent the Sake House. We've been going to Sake House since 1995. I think we have to go there again tonight..... "
- Gerard and Janet [Sept 30th 2005]
"Excellent! After having visited Japan, and eaten in many different places, Sake House is our very favorite on the East Coast. Bento boxes for lunch are beautifully arranged with excellent surprises inside! Would eat there daily if I lived in Roanoke. "
- belmore ( [Aug 3rd 2007]
"I've been going to the Sake House for 8 years now. Every time that I come to Roanoke I can't help myself. The sushi and other items from from the menu are always wonderful. The Unagi Maki and Wild Cat are a must! I highly recommend the Sake House to anyone who loves japanese! "
- Kevin ( [Oct 22nd 2007]
"So far, this has been my favorite sushi place in Roanoke. Service is good. The food is all properly prepared and artfully presented. They have a better selection than their competitors too. "
- D. Webb [Dec 9th 2007]


Tokyo Japanese Cuisine

Name:Tokyo Japanese Cuisine
Address:3749 Franklin Road, Roanoke, VA 24014
Phone:(540) 345-1626
Opened:Mon-Sat: 11.30am - 2.30pm, Mon-Thur: 5pm - 10pm, Fri,Sat: 5pm - 10.30pm
Reviews:"Excellent sushi. Great roll they invented called Roanoke Roll. Nice simple atmosphere. Chefs have great attitude, very friendly."
- estempien [May 12th 1998]
"Exellent!!!Best sushi in Roanoke. NO DOUBT!!! "
- Jayson ( [Feb 27th 2007]
"I ate 3 Volcano Rolls last night...boom bam boom!!!! "
- nathan ( [Feb 27th 2007]
"We had a decent meal there on the first visit, but nothing special. A second visit resulted in a horrible experience. The rolls were sloppy. Some of the fish even tasted bitter. Even the yaki udon was poorly prepared. "
- D. Webb [Dec 9th 2007]


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