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Arigato (former JR3) Todai Seafood Buffet

Arigato (former JR3)

Name:Arigato (former JR3)
Address:13039 Fair Lakes Center, Fairfax, Virginia
Phone:(703) 449-8404
Reviews:"JR3 stands for Japanese Restaurant #3. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing Japanese restaurants we´ve been to. The seating is corrugated cardboard chairs, covered in vinyl! It feels like you are in a New York or San Francisco restaurant, not a suburban strip center! The food and service is excellent. We especially like the unagi here. It is some of the best we´ve ever had. The owners are friendly and very hospitable. The service is great too.This is a true gem in the outer suburbs of Northern Virginia."
- S. Bromberg ( [December 2nd 1997]
"This restaurant, formerly named JR3, is now named Arigato. Much of everything else is unchanged however, including the decor. Service was excellent, attentive and friendly. Food was above average, but not great. Sashimi was thickly sliced. I thought the Hamachi (Yellowtail) was rather poorly cut. Overall it was a good meal. With 2 beers, the bill came to $60 for my wife and I. "
- John D. Smith ( [August 7th 2002]
"Read a few reviews and decided to go. The gyozu were tasty, hand made and lightly fried. The sushi was excellent. The best Toro I have had on the East Coast. I've done Megu and Nobu in NYC and love Sushi Ko, but this was more authentic and the price was right. Next time I am in town, I'll be noshing at Arigato! "
- Christian Trendel ( [May 15th 2005]


Todai Seafood Buffet

Name:Todai Seafood Buffet
Address:11717L Fair Oaks Mall #135 , Fairfax, VA 22033
Phone:(703) 273-0120
Reviews:"Mmmm. Best place to eat by yourself or the whole family. There's literally something for everyone. I went with co-workers and we feasted on their unagi, ebi, and volcano rolls. Ate a bowl of udon and had a scoop of green tea ice cream for dessert. This is the ultimate Japanese dining experience and it's so affordable. "
- Sharon Little [June 13th 2005]
"This place is awesome. I had relatives come from overseas and they love seafood so I took them to eat at Todai. It's really clean and I was so glad that they serve more than just sushi which my brother in law doesn't eat. Go for dinner and there's also all you can eat snow crab legs, raw owsters, and lobster. I don't understand how they can stay in business charging so little for what they serve. A must try if you like seafood and sushi at a very fair price. "
- Steve Lee ( [Sep 5th 2005]
"I have never seen anything like this place before in Virginia. I would compare this to the Seafood Buffets they have in Las Vegas, NV. As a matter of fact I think I saw one at the Aladdin Casino. Don't be like me and overstuff yourself because it's very easy to do- they have so much choices. Nice website too. "
- Sean DeGracia [Sept 30th 2005]
"Im usually not a fan of the chain restaurants but I can see why there are over 20 Todai restaurants worldwide. Whenever I go to San Diego on business Todai is always one of my dinner destinations. I was thrilled when I found out that they had opened one in Virginia. I love seafood and have been a sushi fan for the last 20 years so as long as there's a Todai around they can count on this loyal patron. "
- Tom Knollwood [July 28th 2006]
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