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Appetizer Plus CLOSED ! Atami Bonsai Grill
Bonsai Restaurant Edoya Endo Sushi
Matsutake Matuba Mei's Asian Bistro
Sushi-Zen Tachibana MOVED ! Woo Lae Oak

Appetizer Plus CLOSED !

Name:Appetizer Plus CLOSED !
Address:1117 North 19th Street, Arlington, VA
Phone:(703) 525-3171
Reviews:"At $9.95 lunch, and $14.95 dinner this is one of the most amazing values around."
- Fred Zimmer ( [October 18th 1997]
"Excellent sushi! Some of the best tekka (tuna) Iīve had. In addition to having 10-15 types of sushi on the lunch buffet, they also offer a wide variety of cooked items for the afraid-to-try-sushi. Go ahead and bring them along, though, since groups of five or more people get a discount on their already great prices. Just donīt forget to add in the cost of parking (there is a §5 lot next door) when stopping off at the bank."
- Ralph E. Nelson (
"Excellent service and excellent sushi! If you donīt see what you want on the line, just ask and they will bring it to your table at no additional charge!"
- Ralph E. Nelson ( [June 23rd 2000]
"WHEN DID THEY CLOSE? What a shame...great sushi, great price. Any idea if they relocated?"
- [August 23rd 2004]



Address:3155 Wilson Blvd. (across Clarendon Metro Stop), Arlington, VA
Phone:(703) 522-4787
Fax:(703) 522-1284
Opened:Lunch, dinner
Review:"Atami is a bargain-basement sushi joint crammed into a tiny storefront location in the Clarendon area of Arlington. Their main draw is a $24.95 all-you-can-eat dinner special, although they also serve a variety of Japenese and Chinese dishes. The sushi is average, and their nigiri tends to have twice as much rice as it should -- perhaps to fill up hungry diners' stomachs with rice instead the more expensive fish? Who knows. Either way, there are better spots in the area, but Atami is not a bad choice if you're in a pinch. It's a good place for sushi novices to experiment without having to worry about emptying their wallets. "
- Chris [August 7th 2000]


Bonsai Grill

Name:Bonsai Grill
Address:553 South 23rd Street,Arlington, VA
Phone:(703) 553-7723
Review:" Consistently the freshest fish in the area, generous portions, and reasonable prices. Friendly owners; a true find. "
- Steve Pike ( [September 10th 2001]


Bonsai Restaurant

Name:Bonsai Restaurant
Address:4040 South 28th Street, Arlington, VA 22206
Phone:(703) 824-8828
Review:"Opened in 1998. Friendly atmosphere, small restaurant in Shirlington area. Good sushi and personalized service."
- Libby Copper ( [December 14th 1998]



Name:Edoya Japanese Steak House
Address:2301 S. Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202
Phone:(703) 418-2344


Endo Sushi

Name:Endo Sushi
Address:3000 North Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201
Phone:(703) 243-7799



Address:320 23RD St S (at Clark Street), Arlington, VA 22202-3744
Phone:(703) 412-5301
Opened:Mon.-Fri. 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-11pm, Sat,Sun:5pm-11pm
Review:"Across the street from the Hilton in Crystal City. Offers an all you can eat buffet at lunch for $13.50 (incl tax). "
- M. Asai [May 16th 2008]



Address:2915 Columbia Pike (Walter Reed St.), Arlington, VA
Phone:(703) 521-2811
Reviews:" Excellent spider roll, and their spicy salmon roll is to die for! "
- Jim Crookston ( [February 1st 2002]
"This place is ok. Very clean and organized. The sushi, however, lacks something. I don't know if it is the fact that they pre-slice all their fish or that they pass off chutoro as toro - It tastes inferior - like supermarket sushi. I'm sure it's fine for California Rollers and those who stick to tekka maki, but if I'm going to pay regular prices on sushi, I expect it to be a greater quality than it is here. "
- The Guy [March 6th 2002]
"We respectfully disagree. As serious Sushi mavens, having tasted most varieties in dozens of restaurants throughout the U.S., including Hawaii, Matuba sushi is consistently the finest and the freshest. In fact, it's our favorite anywhere! "
- wsg ( [March 27th 2003]


Mei's Asian Bistro

Name:Mei's Asian Bistro
Address:3434 Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA
Phone:(703) 516-0123
Fax:(703) 516-7668
Review:"Opened in May'07. The best sushi joint around. Try best bargain happy hour sushi Mon - Sat. Great food, services + atmospher. Live Jazz Fri & Sat with Robert Eldridge III. Free Sake tasting monthly. Don't miss lunch special deal! This place is great! "
- sushi love ( [Nov 19th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:2457 N. Harrison St., Arlington, VA 22207
Phone:(703) 534-6000
Review:" Located in the Lee Harrison Shopping Center. "
- Angela Jones [August 5th 2002]
Link:Restaurant Website


Tachibana MOVED !

Name:Tachibana MOVED !
Address:4050 Lee Hwy. (bet. Military Rd. & Quincey St.), Arlington, VA
Phone:(703) 528-1122
Review:"Tachibaba has moved to McLean, VA. Please check there."


Woo Lae Oak

Name:Woo Lae Oak
Address:River House, 1500 S. Joyce St., Arlington, VA
Phone:(703) 521-3706


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