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Akasaka Kyoto Restaurant Sushi Town


Address:514-C South Van Dorn St., Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone:(703) 751-3133
Fax:(703) 751-3134
Opened:Every day
Review:"Good sushi for a reasonable price. Friendly staff. Sometimes limited selection. Recommended."
- H. Uwe Keller


Kyoto Restaurant

Name:Kyoto Restaurant
Address:6027 Richmond Hwy., Alexandria, VA
Phone:(703) 329-1334
Reviews:"Unfortunately my least favorite Japanese restaurant (nationwide) happens to be the closest to where I live. Over the past 14+ years every year or two I will break down and revisit hoping things have changed. Well they have not."
- Fred Zimmer ( [October 18th 1997]
"Kyoto serves superb sushi, the previous reviewer must have been there on a bad day. I have been going there for 10 years along with my friends and no complaints, just praise. Kyoto specializes in Uni, Yellowtail and various Clams. Also known to serve Bonito, Sea Bass and Rockfish. Kyoto is the Washington area´s best kept sushi bar secret!"
- Steve Pushor ( [January 10th 1999]
"I, too have been to this restaurant. I must agree with the first reviewer. I have been enjoying Sushi for many years. My husband and I like to try different restaurants in our area and compare them. One day we decided to try KYOTO restaurant. It was the worst sushi we had ever eaten. It was not fresh at all. It smelled terrible. It was just all around awful. I was worried that we would get sick from it! Fortunately we did not, but we vowed never to go back there again. It was a terrible waste of money. We were so disappointed."
- R.Ferrufino ( [August 23rd 1999]
"I am siding with the majority here. One day last year, our normal sushi group from work decided to visit Kyoto rather than going to one of the places in Rosslyn (Kyoto being MUCH closer). Service was horrendous. It took more than an hour to get food for 8 people, and when it did arrive, it did not smell appetizing. The wait staff all but ignored us (possibly to not have to deal with how upset we were getting), but it was as unpleasant a dining experience as I've had in a long time. We'll continue going to Rosslyn (25 minute drive) rather than ever eating at Kyoto (10 minute drive) again. "
- Ralph E. Nelson ( [October 30th 2000]
"Unfortunately, I am also disappointed with this restaurant. I enjoy sushi restaurants with a variety of creative rolls, not just a california or cucumber roll. Kyoto just does not have a very good selection. I think there were only three rolls that had something other than tuna, shrimp, salmon, or crab. I just think its a shame that Old Town doesn't have a better sushi restaurant. "
- Jennelle [Dec 5th 2005]
"I am shocked about the bad reviews Kyoto has gotten. My friends have been going there for years and now my husband and I are addicted. I`ve tried sushi at many different places but Kyoto has the most tasty and fresh fish ever. Our friends have become very friendly with the staff and know for sure that the sushi chef buys the fish fresh every single day. The variety is great, too. Maybe lots of things have chaged there since the bad reviews in 2005 so please go and try the food at Kyoto for yourself. You won`t be dissapointed. "
- Julia, Alexandria, VA [Oct 11th 2007]


Sushi Town

Name:Sushi Town
Address:6303 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312
Phone:(703) 914-8877
Review:" They have a sushi buffet that is reasonably priced, and has a pretty good selection. They aren't terribly creative (no Philly rolls, Choleste-Rolls, etc.), but the sushi is good, the help is competent, and they also have a hot buffet of Japanese dishes and a small selection of Korean dishes as well (the neighborhood has a large Korean population).I go there AT LEAST a couple of times a month ... in fact, I am going there tonight! "
- Michele Kramer [August 17th 2000]



Name:Tokyo Japanese Steak House
Address:66 Canal Center Plaza, Alexandria, VA
Phone:(703) 683-8878
Review:" Typical Japanese steakhouse menu, but with a full range of sushi besides. The ngiri is served without embedded wasabi (a personal plus!), and with very little rice to get in the way of the flavor of the fish (or anything else). With their teppanyaki grill chefs right in front of you, it almost makes you want to eat something besides sushi! "
- Ralph E. Nelson ( [October 30th 2000]


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