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Oishi Sushi Bar

Oishi Sushi Bar

Name:Oishi Sushi Bar in the Red Basil
Address:294 Mountain Road, Stowe, Vermont
Phone:(802) 253-4478
Fax:(802) 253-5020
Review:"A Sushi Bar within a Thai Martini Bar. Now thats a new thing to me. My wife and I were in Stowe this week taking a ride around Vermont. We stoped at the Red Basil for dinner.A wonerful place on the Mountain Road near the Village. Oishi has a six person Sushi Bar with red lighting coming from the Bar. We started with Two appetizers, Sunomono (slice of conch, octopus and crab with cucumber in a tangy rice vinegar) and Tuna Takaki ( thin slices of tuna, seared on the outside, raw on the inside, served with ponzu sauce). Then we had spicy Tuna rolls and Hamachi hand rolls. I had room for Sashimi of Marguro, Tako, Hamachi. It was a good meal. Come with money as the Sashimi is per piece at $2.99 to $3.25 But its good and its STOWE VERMONT. "
- Steve Schneider ( [July 16th 2004]


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