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Park City, USA/Utah.

Ichiban Sushi Mikado Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill
The Happy Sumo

Ichiban Sushi

Name:Ichiban Sushi
Address:586 Main Street, Park City, Utah, USA 84060
Phone:(801) 649-2865
Review:"This is the art of one if the few, if not, the first FEMALE Sushi Master. Wonderful sushi served from a true master. Also the Best Fish Market in the State (801-645-9229)."

Park City


Name:Mikado Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Address:738 Main Street, Park City, Utah
Phone:(801) 655-7100
Review:"Second location see Salt Lake City."
- Steve Schneider ( [January 8th 1998]

Park City

Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill

Name:Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill
Address:710 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060
Phone:(435) 640-2997
Opened:Daily: 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Reviews:"Please check out 'Park City Summer Magazine 2007' for our review. "
- Sin Jae & Eddie ( [July 16th 2007]
"Park City, USA/Utah RID: 1976 Restaurant: OISHI SUSHI BAR AND GRILL Adresse: 710Main Street, Park City, Utah Phone: 435-640-2997 Fax: Opened: open every night 5:30-9:00 PM Review: Homepage:"
Link:Restaurant Website

Park City

The Happy Sumo

Name:The Happy Sumo
Address:838 Park Ave.,Park City, UT 84068
Phone: (435) 649-5522
Fax: (435) 658-4404
Review:" Opened in Summer 2000. Top grade sushi in a laid back atmosphere. Owned and operated by locals. "
- Jon Goff (jrgoff@aolcom) [October 30th 2000]
Link:Restaurant Website

Park City

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