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Nakamura Sushi House

Nakamura Sushi House

Name:Nakamura Sushi House
Address:3222 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX 76901
Phone:(325) 949 0800
Reviews:"I was a frequent customer of Nakamura Sushi House since it opened 6 months ago or so. I have spent hundreds of dollars there. Unfortunately on my last visit I had such a bad experience that I will never go there again. Here is why. First the booster seat that was provided for my 7 month old daughter had a broken fastener that came undone. We found this out after she almost fell out of the seat onto the floor. That didn't happen so no harm no foul, however when I asked the first person I saw for another booster seat, who just so happened to be the owner herself, we received only a snide attitude as she grudgingly got us another seat. No apology what so ever for our daughter almost falling out of her booster seat. Ok, I can forget that, maybe she was just having a bad day. Then what really put me over the edge was this. I ordered the steamed veggie bowl with tofu and this arrived with no tofu in it. I asked the waiter if he would bring it back to the chef. 10 SECONDS later he comes back with such a paltry piece of crumbled , uncooked tofu I really couldn't believe it. I asked the waiter if I could select something else from the menu and he replied "sure but you're still being charged for the veggie bowl" I said nevermind and then asked to speak with the manager. I waited and waited all the while my wife and I received our sushi and started working on it. Still no manager. I asked the hostess and another 15 minutes pass, by which time we have finished our sushi and I have lost my appetite. Finally the owner shows up at our table and to our surprise it was the rude booster seat lady from before. I expressed my dissatisfaction about my uneaten bowl of poorly cooked , unexceptably served food in a very nice manner and requested it removed from my bill. She flat out refused with no apology whatsoever. She simply offered for it to be remade when we had already finished our unsatisfying meal. All the while her attitude was rude and her mannerisms indicated that she had no time for a whiny customer such as me.So I paid for it.....but its not about the money its about the principle!!! Should a customer have to pay for something that was served wrong and poorly two times in a row and then recieve nothing but a flat out refusal and a crumby attitude??? Heck I wouldve been happy with switching it out for another item on the menu! I've never been snubbed like that in a restaurant before in my entire life. I have seved tables in a dozen restaurants in the past including an upscale private club, I know service like the back of my hand and I know how a manager/ owner should handle an unhappy paying customer, and this was the exact opposite of that. Oh and To make matters worse, you could tell she had no clue that I was a frequent customer of her restaurant. Well not anymore. I left a 20% tip to the waiter with a note to the owner saying I wouldnt be coming back. If you want decent sushi and rude unfriendly service. Come to Nakamura in San Angelo, TX. "
- Lilduplo ( [Sep 16th 2008]
"This is Angie Conrad, owner of Nakamura Sushi House. I would like tell my side of this story now. Firs of all, I DID know this was a frequent customer. How did I know, these are the people that always came in and tried to change the menu. We have platters and it specifically says 'No substitutions'. This is done because the pricing on the platters, are specific to those sushi rolls. These are also the customers that always complained about something. We all know those customers are at EVERY restaurant. These are the customers that the wife breast fed her baby in the restaurant and didn't cover herself. She didn't care that the restaurant was full of people and that there were children in there. My restaurant dining room is really small. You can see from one end to the other, so for her to do that and not care who was around is really poor in taste. I am a mother too, so I know that it is very important to give your baby breast milk BUT there has to be some discretion when doing so. Next, the booster soon as I saw the customer wave me down I went over there and gave them a new seat. He didn't even put the child in the seat. I know this because I have security cameras all over my restaurant and rolled back the tape as soon as I saw this review. Finally, the food....yes he ordered the Veggie Bowl and he is wrong is saying there was no tofu in it. I know this because I was short on employees that day and had to work in the kitchen and I specifically made the entree myself. I remember putting the tofu in there because I had to open a brand new box. The waiter came to me and said the customer said there was no tofu in the Veggie Bowl and I told the waiter that yes, there was because I made the the entree. I asked if he would like more and the waiter said he wanted another bowl made. I refused to make a new dish because half the bowl was eaten before he complained AND wanted the new one to go. I told the waiter to let the customers know that I was busy in the kitchen and I would come out and speak to them before they left. When I went to the table I explained to the customer why I couldn't take the entree of their ticket and he didn't say a word to me and they left. He never asked for ANOTHER entree to be made it the place of the one he ate half way and was not happy with. As a restaurant owner, I take pride in what people say about my restaurant and my food. I try my best to make sure the food gets out in a timely manner, even if it means I have to help in the kitchen or behind the sushi bar. I have done every job in my restaurant that I have employees for...from washing dishes, waiting tables, and cooking. I know my repeat customers and they know me. So for this customer to bad mouth my restaurant and not be completely honest when telling his story is really sad and shows how far people will go when they don't get what they want. I will admit that we can't please every person that walks in the door, but I will do what I can to try get them to come back. "
- Angie Conrad ( [Nov 27th 2008]
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