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Do Sushi Bar and Lounge Mikasa Sekisui East
Sekisui Midtown

Do Sushi Bar and Lounge

Name:Do Sushi Bar and Lounge
Address:964 South Cooper, Memphis, TN
Phone:(901) 272-0830
Review:"This has got to be the best sushi in town! It's a teeny place so be sure to make reservations! It's not traditional by any means but what they do will blow you away... "
- Victoria H. [Jan 21st 2005]



Name:Mikasa Japan
Address:6150 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38119
Phone:(901) 683-0000
Reviews:"This is absolutely the best Sushi restaurant in the southeast. Beats all in Atlanta, Nashville, Mobile, etc."
- James M. Herrington ( [July 4th 2000]
"This is a great Japanese restaurant. The sushi is excellent with a wide selection and thoughtful presentation. It's as good as any sushi I've had anywhere in the United States. "
- J. Carr [July 23rd 2001]
"AWFUL. Mikasa has really gone down in service and quality. They have gotten an all new server staff and kitchen staff, and they all appear to be in high school. In two separate times I went there, here's what happened: My friend's dish arrived after a 45 minute wait with FROZEN CHUNKS of spinach in it and missing the tofu. Servers did not know what sauces to serve with what dishes. Servers forgot appetizers, some of which didn't arrive until AFTER the entrees. My sushi order was turned in wrong, so I NEVER got it. I was at a table with no food. By the time it was realized what happened, I had to leave. The manager/owner did not comp my friend for the substandard food and service. Out of four people, three of us had errors on our checks, with items tacked on that we'd never ordered. The manager/owner just said 'Oh, I'm sorry' about my NEVER GETTING DINNER but never offered any compensation and was more than willing to let four angry customers walk out the door. They were not crowded either time. Mikasa does not care about its customers or its food. "
- [Nov 6th 2006]
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Sekisui East

Name:Sekisui East
Address:50 Humphreys Boulevard, Memphis, TN
Phone:(901) 747-0001
Review:"Excellent !"
- Paul Maliszewski ( [October 19th 1997]


Sekisui Midtown

Name:Sekisui Midtown
Address:25 South Belvedere, Memphis, TN
Phone:(901) 725-0005
Reviews:"Donīt know because I havenīt been there. However, the sister restaurant īSekisui Eastī which is also in Memphis and owned by the same proprietor is excellent."
- Paul Maliszewski ( [October 19th 1997]
"The downtown Memphis location had horrible food compared to Humphreys or Midtown. "
- Celeste ( [January 8th 2003]
" This is a fine place, especially now that the smoking section has been moved. The sushi is consistently 'pretty good', and is a mainstay for me and my wife. A highlight of sorts is the bar area around which several mini sushi boats(literally) float. From 5-7pm, you can grab a boat for $2.00, each of which have either 2 pieces of nigiri or 3-4 pieces of roll. They also have other Japanese fare, including tempuras, teriyakis, etc. I would stay away from the tekka ju, if last time was any indication. Overall a pretty good place! "
- William Anthony Lizarraga [February 13th 2003]


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