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Fuji Yama Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Fuji Yama

Name:Fuji Yama
Address:10 Stonebridge Blvd, Jackson, TN 38305
Phone:(731) 664-8889
Reviews:"Moved here from Lexington, KY and was looking for a Japanese restaurant that served good sushi. There were only two Japanese restaurants in Jackson, Asahi Japanese Steakhouse and Sakura Japanese Restaurant, when I first arrived. Asahi does not have a sushi bar but Sakura does. Sakura's sushi I found to be expensive and not very fresh. Then in September 2003 Fuji Yama's opened. I found their sushi to be quite fresh and the assortment quite imanginative. At first I thought the rolls were a little expensive till I received my order which was more than enough for a light meal. Fuji Yama's has some of the best sushi I have experienced between the states of Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. "
- Kevin G. Bayless ( [Oct 21st 2003]
"I have had sushi all over the world and Sakura in Jackson, TN is the best I've had. They have much more than the mainstream restaurants, like Fuji Yama, which is mediocre at best. Try the Alfredo roll, or the Mardi gras roll. "
- Diana [Dec 19th 2005]
"I love Fuji Yama! The staff is very helpful and friendly. Their sushi was excellent. The atmosphere, service, and food are unmatched by any other Japanese restaurant in Jackson, TN. I highly recommend Fuji Yama. "
- Clint ( [Feb 2oth 2009]


Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Name:Sakura Japanese Restaurant
Address:1938 Highway 45 Bypass, Jackson, TN 38305
Phone:(731) 664-2878
Reviews:"I have had sushi all over the world and Sakura in Jackson, TN is the best I've had. They have much more than the mainstream restaurants, like Fuji Yama, which is mediocre at best. Try the Alfredo roll, or the Mardi gras roll."
- Diana [Dec 19th 2005]
"I have been living in the Jackson area for over 9 years and have had sushi in some places of the world that I cannot even pronounce correctly, it is of my opinion that the dominating sushi bar in this area and state is Sakura, the portions are very large and very fresh, the owners of the establishment also have a new location in Memphis, if you are looking for a great experence go to Sakura. "
- Tony Pigg ( [Feb 27th 2006]
"I am addicted to sushi. Sakura's is the absolute best. Their rolls are more than enough for a meal. The alfredo roll is the BEST! They are always packed at lunch-time but you can call in an order if you don't have time to wait. I highly recommend trying it. "
- Gail [April 7th 2006]
"Upon moving to Jackson from St. Louis, we quickly sought after a nice Sushi Restaurant. For months we visited Fuji Yama's (very pricey) and no personal service and they are very restrictive on the times they are open for business. This restriction I found to be very frustrating, especially if youíre out and you have a taste for sushi its chance they're NOT open. Then we heard about Sakura, and the sushi is actually eatable art, my wife and I were blown away. I was very amazed and pleased with the service. The owner makes it a point to know all of his regulars. I have had Sushi, but Iíve never thought that in the middle of Tennessee I would have experience should fine palette pleasing sushi. "
- Shawn Smith ( [March 16th 2007]
"Sakura is by far the best place to eat sushi in Jackson, TN (or anywhere else for that matter). The rolls are unbelievable, I have tried about half of their extensive menu and have never had anything I didn't like. Everytime I go in they have added a few new rolls to the menu. The alfredo roll and mexico roll are very similar, but both are soooo good. The Tony roll has pineapple and shrimp, it's sweet and spicy. The mango roll is also delicious if you like something really sweet. Definitely try it, you won't be disappointed! "
- Natalie [July 21st]
"After reading the amazing reviews for Sakura, I decided I must go try what everyone was raving about. Unfortunately, Sakura did not live up to my expectations. Most of their specialty rolls contained crawfish, including, but definitely not limited to, the alfredo roll & mardi gras roll. Crawfish is not my favorite, so if you do not like crawfish, this place is not for you. The sushi was mediocre at the very best. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate Sakura a 6. I've traveled all across america, & this is one restaurant I would not highly recommend. Also, you must note that Sakura does not have a full bar. They only serve wine, saki, & beer. "
- Niki Lambert ( [Feb 11th 2008]
"I go to Sakura, probably eight times every two weeks, and I have to say I enjoy their sushi more than Fuji Yama or Asahi. I find Sakura's sushi to be very fresh and extremely tasty. Thanks to Sakura I've grown quite the addiction to sushi. I really enjoy the Bubba Roll and suggest it to anyone who eats there."
- [July 9th 2008]
"This is by far the best place to eat in Jackson! Their rolls are phenomenal! I have never had a bad experience and have eaten there many times, if you have never eaten there I recommend that you try it NOW!"
- [Mar 6th 2009]


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