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Hiroshi's Sushi Nabe


Address:114 West Main Street, Chattanooga, TE
Phone:(423) 267-9003
Fax:(423) 267-9003
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11.30am-2pm, 5pm-10pm, Sat: 5pm-10pm
Reviews:"Hiroshi's is a wonderful new sushi bar and restaurant in Southside . The owner worked for Sushi Nabe (see review) in the past, and certainly learned the secrets of the trade from his previous sensei. We enjoyed this restaurant greatly, as it reminds us of the days at Nabe, before their move to Coolidge Park. Everything is fresh, and the tuna (the measuring stick by which all sushi is judged!) is wonderful on a consistent basis. Hiroshi's even has a few items for those of us who prefer the exotic - uni (not on the menu), scallops, and some truly inventive rolls, which are a nice break from the usual spicy tuna and yellowtail rolls. He's also got some of the best yellowtail I have ever had, and for those who prefer the softer, richer texture of namahamachi, he's got that too. I haven't tried his toro yet, but hopefully I will soon! Overall, Hiroshi's stands out as a quality sushi bar for a small, inland town like Chattanooga, and I would recommend it as top for any who live in the vicinity! "
- Alex Davit III ( [Jan 9th 2004]
"Best sushi in Chattanooga!!!! Nabe cant even hang with Hiroshis. "
- [Dec 14th 2005]
"This might be a good place for people who just want cooked Japanese food. The food at the table next to us that came in bento boxes looked very attractive and generously portioned. We were also pleased with our vegetable tempura appetizer, which had asparagus, squash, and sweet potato. We ordered sushi and felt like we were eating at a children's tea party, so small were the sushi rolls we got. They were no bigger in diameter than a quarter. The quality of the fish was good, but the price of the sushi rolls is what we would expect to pay for a more standard size sushi roll. A spicy roll had what seemed to be Sriracha Vietnamese chili-garlic hot sauce squirted/drizzled on top. Not good: vietnamese hot sauce is great, just not on sushi. We weren't in a hurry, but noticed that the service was very slow. I have never paid so much for a Sapporo: $7.50. A warning sign that we probably should have heeded was that the seaweed salad on the menu was unavailable. According to our waitress, it hasn't been served for over a month. There was also no conch salad or squid salad, though those items were also on the menu. The decor was exposed brick/urban looking. The crowd was predominantly young caucasian folks with treated hair-very 'hip' and 'edgy'. We can't compare this restaurant to other sushi options in the area, but we wouldn't go back. "
- Fan of substantial sushi from California ( [Dec 11th 2006]
"My wife and I went for lunch, placed our order, and received nothing near what we had ordered. Hiroshi made a feeble apology, and then, instead of our original order, served us his 'chef special'. Very little and very pricey! Very overpriced for what you get, and too much attitude! Sushi Nabe is much better by far! "
- Parker Neyman ( [Aug 21st 2007]


Sushi Nabe

Name:Sushi Nabe of Kyoto Restaurant
Address:6921 Lee Hwy., Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone:(423) 899-5049
Fax:(423) 855-0378
Reviews:"As a sushi connoiseur I heartily endorse this sushi bar and restaurant."
- ( [August 22nd 1998]
"This is my favourite sushi bar east of California."
- PW Herren ( [December 10th 2000]
"Best Sushi I have ever tasted. I live in west Michigan and would love to find a bar this good up here! Way to go Nabe!! "
- KayC Huseby ( [March 5th 2001]
"Fantastic sushi! I was amazed that I could still enjoy a delicious assortment of the types of sushi that I had in Japan, right here in Chattanooga, of all places! Nabe is really hospitable, and always reminds you that he expects to 'see you tomorrow!' "
- Alex Davit III ( [Februray 10th 2003]
"I agree with what others say. Although I am relatively inexperienced in the world of sushi bars, this place is far and away the best. Everybody that I've taken there agrees. Highly recommended. "
- Drew [February 12th 2003]
"By far the best! We dine here very regularly, and have never been disappointed! Nabe and Chikako are wonderful. "
- Parker Neyman ( [Aug 21st 2007]
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