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Providence, USA/Rhode Island.

Fuji New Japan Sakura (Nippon)


Name:Restaurant Fuji
Address:351 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI 02903
Phone:(401) 831-3550


New Japan

Name:New Japan
Address:145 Washington Street, Providence, RI
Phone:(401) 351-0300
Opened:Closed Mondays
Review:"This is a small place, but the food is made with great attention. Many patrons bring their own chopsticks. The chef makes a wonderful seawed/cucumber salad and this one is the only place in Rhode Island where the smoked eel is served slightly warmed to bring out the flavor. The food is simply a cut above the rest."
- Susanne Payne ( [August 24th 1999]


Sakura (Nippon)

Name:Sakura (Nippon)
Address:231 Wickendon Street, Providence, RI 02906
Phone:(401) 331-6861
Opened:Daily Noon - 11pm
Reviews:"The sushi here is excellent! Nippon is fairly small but has a really friendly atmosphere with good service and reasonable prices. When you walk in there is a dining area with tables and a diner-bar. They also have a traditional tatamiroom where you can take your shoes off and sit on the pillows. Thereīs also a patio deck you can eat on in the nice weather. Itīs just down the hill from Brown University on the East side, so the neighbourhood is pretty good for Providence and there is a lot of students and other colorful characters on Wickendon. The parking can be a problem, beware the police will ticket your car if it is parked illegaly for more than a couple of me!"
- Mark Gardner ( [April 20th 1998]
"Nippon has changed its name -- now called Sakura, their sushi is wonderful, and quite affordable. It provides a delightfully intimate atmosphere, friendly service, and wonderfully tasty sushi at great prices. Easy to find, right off of the I-195 Wickendon St. exit."
- Andrew Hobgood [June 25th 2000]



Name:Sura Korean and Japanese Cuisine
Address:182 Angell Street, Near Brown University at corner of Angell and Thayer Street,Providence, RI 02906
Phone:(401) 277-9088
Opened:Mon-Sat: 11.30am-10.30pm,Sun: 11.30m - 10pm
Review:"Has a very small Sushi Bar for four people to sit. Try the the Chirash at $13.95 and there 'SASHIM BIBIM-BAP' at $15.95 very nice. "
- Steve Schneider ( [27th December 2000]


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