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Ginmiya Zen Mitsuru


Address:2524 Eastern Blvd., York, PA 17402
Phone:(717) 755-2577
Fax:(717) 757-2201
Opened:Sun-Thu: 11 am- 9.30pm, Fri,Sat: 11 am to 10.30 pm
Reviews:"Unlikely location with an extremely competent Sushi chef named Aaron. He holds himself to a very high standard for food quality and appearance. Japanese and Chinese food available. "
- Fred Yost ( [July 5th 1999]
"If you want a taste treat you´ll talk about for days....try one of their special rolls! The latest incredible concoction of Ginmiya´s talented sushi chef is the signature roll of the restaurant, the ´Ginmiya Roll´. I guarantee you´ll be back for more before the week is over. On that next visit try the ´Freddo Roll´. Another new creation with Salmon and Yellowtail on top. You´ll have to try the roll to find out what´s inside. Aaron has a knack for combining flavors that light up your taste buds. Many chefs can make sushi. Aaron creates it. While the green tea is plentiful, if you want anything stronger you better visit the local liquor store, as they don´t have a bar license....yet. Kevin, the gracious owner, will gladly supply the saki bottles and cups and warm the saki to your taste."
- Patrick O´Shaunessey ( [August 2nd 1999]
"Luckily I stumbled on this restaurant. I´ve tried a few sushi bars in Maryland and one in the Poconos, and I must say, I think this place beats them all. The service was excellent, the people pleasant, and the chef was great. Our sashimi was gorgeous and the chef seemed to take great pride in his work. If you´re in the area, stop in, you won´t regret it."
- Chris Miller (
"Sadly, I must report that Kevin, the owner, has sold his restaurant. The new owners could not afford to keep Aaron Chan, the magnificently talented sushi chef that made the name for the restaurant. Since then, the quality of all the food has gone downhill. The sushi is uninspired and of mediocre quality. I can no longer recommend eating there. It is better to go to Cockeysville or Baltimore, MD for the closest good sushi. From the best to the worst in two years. What a shame. We all miss Aaron's food! "
- Fred Yost [October 12th 2000]
"Was visiting the area and had take out Sushi Dinner, and a NICK'S Roll (avocado,crabstick,cucumber wrapped with tuna and eel).Was very good for being away from the water. "
- Steve Schneider ( [October 28th 2002]
"Aaron has opened his own establishment, Mitsuru, located in Queensgate Mall. You will NOT find Aaron or his quality sushi at Ginmyia. "
- S ( [June 25h 2010]


Zen Mitsuru

Name:Zen Mitsuru
Address:2081 Springwood Drive, York, PA
Phone:(717) 852-8800
Fax:(717) 852-8803
Opened:11am-2.30pm, 5pm-9.30pm
Reviews:"By chance, I read review on Ginmiya on this site today, was disappointed to see that the place had gone downhill since Chef Aaron Chen left, and decided to try someplace else. My husband and I tried this new place in Queensgate, and when I saw the Aaron roll on the menu, then heard people saying hello to someone named Aaron, I knew before turning around it was the chef. Needless to say, the food was virtually orgasmic, wonderful for our one month anniversary. By far, the best sushi we've ever had. I recommend the Spicy Conch, the Aaron, the Wild Mushroom, oyster tempura, miso, and the Beef Negimaki. I can't wait to go back! "
- Kelly and Chris Pickel ( [Feb 16th 2005]
"You wouldn't think that York, PA would have an outstanding Sushi bar. However, Mitsuru delivers in a big way. Wonderful sushi that will rival some of the best sushi establishments anywhere. "
- Bryan Siegelman ( [May 9th 2005]
"The food is to die for. Chef Aaron is far and away the best in this sleepy little town, and it honors me to enjoy his cuisine. The seaweed salad is the best I have ever had! "
- Timothy and Ann McMaster ( [Dec 5th 2005]


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