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En Japanese Fujiyama Kotobuki
Kyoto Ka Yoko Japanese Restaurant

En Japanese

Name:En Japanese
Address:5834 Monroe St., Toledo, OH
Phone:(419) 882-4347
Reviews:"Excellent sushi preparation along with great teppanyaki. The owner (Tobi-san) makes customers feel quite welcome. Very roomy feel to the restaurant with tasteful Japanese decor. Definitely a worthwhile dining experience."
- ( [January 18th 1999]
"One of the worst ever tried. Waitress service was terrible, full of mistakes. Order delayed for half an hour without any apology or compensation. Yuck."
- Vincent Johnson [August 12th 2004]
"I used to like eating at this restaurant, but now I have no interest, the service is very poor, the bartender has lack of communication skills, I ordered a California Roll, this guy name (Tobi-San) made it, 10 minutes later while I was eating the sushi I found like 10 lose hair all over my sushi, and I was disgusted by seeing that sickening display. I won't go here no more. Imagine you eating sushi from here you are most likely to go home with (Tobi) hair in between your teeth. Just pure Nastiness. "
- Dan Cumming ( [March 1st 2005]
"Despite what bad reviews there are here, I think these people have made it all up. I've been going to En for well over a year on a consistant basis and have never been disappointed. Tobi-san is very skillful and of the many sushi bars tried all over the country, I've not found better California Rolls or Eel nigiri. We're always made to feel welcome and receive excellent service every time. "
- Spycom [Sept 5th 2005]
"We discovered En Japanese about 5 years ago and have been regular Sushi customers ever since. My husband travels all over the country and insists that En Japanese is the best. We have NEVER had a problem with the service or the quality - it has always been outstanding. We've tried other sushi restaurants in Toledo, including the others reviewed on this page, and they just don't measure up to En Japanese for the sushi. "
- Jeri ( [May 30th 2007]



Address:Reynolds,Toledo, OH
Reviews:"Very good overall. Everything looked so ´pretty´."
- Katie ( [June 29th 1999]
"Excellent service and sushi! "
- Puja [Feb 24th 2007]
"I was taken to this restaurant by a friend. I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED. Not only was the restaurant very clean and appealing to the eye, it was small enough to make it feel very 'personal'. Then it was time to try the food. INCREDIBLE! I love sushi, and after I tasted my first salmon roll, I was hooked. The service was excellent. We never had to ask or look for our waiter.......we just looked in his direction and he was there in a flash! I will recommend this to anyone and everyone! Even those who don't care for sushi........they have other things on the menu that are just as great! "
- ( [Aug 19th 2007]



Name:Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant
Address:5577 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH 43560
Phone:(419) 882-8711
Opened:Mon-Sat: 11am-9.30pm, Closed Sundays
Reviews:"Excellent restaurant!!! Seaweed salad is out of this world!"
- Katrina Iott ( [August 30th 1997]
"I found the sushi to be lacking in taste and preparation, the rest of the menu is adequate."
- ( [January 18th 1999]
"I've had sushi from New York to California and, to my surprise, the best is here in Toledo. Kotobuki is consistently excellent in quality, taste, and artistry. The spicy tuna (Korean-style) is particularly zesty and flavorful--the best I've ever had. Even on a busy night, they are able to turn out the orders promptly because there are several sushi chefs hard at work. In addition, the atmosphere is pleasant and inviting. "
- Suzann [Aug 10th 2006]
"I live about an hour from this place and went only because of the good rewiew. I was very dissapointed, who ever has had sushi from California to New York and think this is the best has not had good sushi.The menu didn't even offer a sashimi (edomae) selection. After requesting a few.... red snapper (tia), octopus (takko), flounder (hirame) and sea urchin roe (uni) the slices were so thick and large you could hardly chew them,thus it ruined the experience, the octopus was rank. There were not many selections, I should have left when I seen there were no sashimi on the menu. The house salad was not fresh, and I thought mabey if I get a roll (makissushi) it will be better and soon as I thought of the one I would try... the sushi chef? (itamae) took money from another employes... then proceded to make someones sushi role without washing his hands. Thats when I thought I've had enough. It was the worst sushi experience if had by far. There is a very good at 3975 east harbor road port clinton ohio however. 419 734 6400, well worth the trip. Thats my home to stay while in this area. The chefs are talkative the place is first class from the 2 year old building to the deep menu choices, to the freshness, and creativity. Tell them JERRID from Fremont refered you. "
- Jerrid [March 16th 2007]
"We have tried them all in the area...this is the best around. Rather than the over processed stuff at levis commons or the older stuff at the other places, this stuff is good everytime. Service can be slow at lunchtime, but otherwise our first choice. "
- Steve Thomas [Apr 3rd 2007]


Kyoto Ka

Name:Kyoto Ka
Address:6801 W. Central Ave.,Toledo ,OH
Review:"Opened November 1,2007. Kyoto Ka offers both traditional Japanese cuisine as well as pasta, steak, salad, and chicken dishes for those who prefer not to eat sushi. There is also a banquet room available for meetings and parties. "
- Tom Olzak ( [Nov 8th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Yoko Japanese Restaurant

Name:Yoko Japanese Restaurant
Address:465 W Dussel Drive, Maumee (Toledo), OH
Phone:(419) 893-2290
Reviews:"Newest sushi restaurant in the Toledo area, been open a couple years now. Very good sushi! Very fresh. Best in the area. Chefs are well-trained & friendly. The whole staff is great. On the expensive side. Owner : Wonhee Lee "
- Daniel Mahoney ( [August 9th 2002]
"The best sushi in Toledo, always fresh although when it is crowded, it takes a long time. Waitresses vary from INCREDIBLE to unattentive and slow... if you get a good waitress it makes the experience great. Decor is lacking, but the sushi makes up for it everytime. They also offer some wonderful cooked dishes as well. "
- M [August 20th 2004]
"Worst experience due to bad SERVICE. I haven't had the chance to try the food yet but the service was TERRIBLE. I repeat it's TERRIBLE and here's why: I took my fiancee there for dinner one night, we got there and sit for 15 long minutes without any service. No one offer us drinks or anything. Maybe they think we were poor and couldn't afford sushi. So we got up and left, we went ahead to BANGKOK Kitchen (down the street, it wasn't sushi but we got our food within 15 minutes of ordering) We never come back to YOKO again even though we live 3 blocks from it and pass it everyday!!! I can assured you that it was a not busy night because the waitresses were standing around and chit-chat with each other. "
- TQT [Dec 20th 2006]
"The sushi at Yoko is decent. The service is EXTREMELY slow if you sit at a table and is almost nonexistent if you sit at the sushi bar. Sushi prices here are very expensive. Initially when I first went here about 3 years ago it was quite good and the service was much better. Over the past 3 years it seems like the owner is getting 'cheap' in an effort to increase profits. The owner was the only sushi chef for a couple of years. Sitting at the bar one day he admitted to me that he freezes his sushi for up to three weeks and does not order fresh on a regular basis. Also, there is no soy sauce at the sushi bar--you have to ask for soy sauce. I've been to sushi bars all over the world and just cannot imagine a sushi bar where one has to ask for soy sauce. Nothing is cheaper than soy sauce. My suggestion to the owner is to concentrate on customer service (with better wait staff) and order higher quality sushi on a regular basis. Incidentally, the owner's wife is the proprietor of Bangkok Kitchen. "
- Jeff--Toledo, OH [May 30th 2007]


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