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Bigeye Japanese Cuisine & Sushi

Bigeye Japanese Cuisine & Sushi

Name:Bigeye Japanese Cuisine & Sushi
Address:2695 West Market Street, (behind Rite Aid), Fairlawn, OH 44333
Phone:(330) 836-4433
Reviews:"I went to Bigeye Sushi shortly after they opened. The sushi was wonderful and quite beautifully presented. Service was good as well.This reviewer did way better than I could have done! Check out the link ! "
- TK ( [Sep 13th 2007]
"Tried it on our own and had the best freshest sushi (white tuna is a fav). It is new and may now have it's liquour licencse, most important a korean friend who is very picky says they have the freshest sushi of all these areas and was amazed that we have already found them superb, this makes me happy and impresses him. "
- Damon and Denice Ollison ( [Dec 3rd 2007]
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