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Ba Sho Ginza of Tokyo Sushi.Com

Ba Sho

Name:Ba Sho
Address:2800 Festival Lane, Dublin, OH
Phone:(614) 766-7733
Reviews:"EXCELLENT, authentic atmosphere, featuring a wide variety of Japanese delicacies and sushi. Columbus/Dublin, OH."
- ( [November 26th 1997]
"Ba Sho is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Ohio that I´ve been to. The sushi rolls are large and the fish is fresh. It´s not as good as some places in New York, but the appetizers and cuisine blows it out of the water (Sakura Scallops are a favorite). It´s a little more expensive since their move from Zao´s that used to be on Morse Rd, but it´s still very good and consistent."
- [April 10th 1999]


Ginza of Tokyo

Name:Ginza of Tokyo
Address:6329 Perimeter Loop Road, Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone:(614) 798-9588/8258
Fax:(614) 889-5288
Review:"A new restaurant in the Dublin Ohio area complete with a sushi bar. A must destination for any sushi lover."
- JCM@Sonnenschein.Com



Address:7160 Muirfield Dr., Dublin, OH 43017
Phone:(614) 336-8686
Fax:(614) 336-8787
Reviews:"I think this is a great sushi place to dine in, they have great special rolls and really fresh sushi. "
- sweet [July 16th 2007]
"What a great find! This is a relatively new place in's a small casual environment (improving with each visit - once bare walls are painted, and they just added art & flat screen tvs) but I couldn't care less - I would sit on the ground to eat their sushi - AMAZING! A great base menu and their specials are incredible. the prices are reasonable, and what so impressive is the presentation of the food - top notch! ENJOY!"
- [Sep 27th 2007]


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