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Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

Name:Golden Dragon
Address:2419 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls (Akron vicinity), OH 44223
Phone:(330) 929-1109
Fax:(330) 929-9110
Reviews:"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your website. I am an editor/writer in the Cleveland/Ohio area. I would like to suggest a review of the Golden Dragon, when an ´expert´ in sushi is in this area. I enjoy this restaurant and the banter with the sushi chefs Chai and Hong (as well as enjoying the other available Japanese and Chinese cuisine), but do not believe I am qualified to judge whether this should be on your ´excellent´ list (What I can tell you there is sashimi, tuna, yellowtail, eel, sea urchin, various roe, and several unique combinations of sushi and handrolls like Spider roll and Chai roll). The Golden Dragon may lack fanfare and a slick decor, but it certainly is one of the more enjoyable experiences I have had in Japanese dining from here to Hawaii."
- Ingrid Schaefer and Dean ´Howard´ Sprague ( [February 15th 1999]
"The best sushi I've had in Cleveland/Akron area. "
- Bert ( [February 28th 2002]
"They have opened a large brand new restaurant just a bit closer to Akron, but still on State Rd. By far the best Sushi in Cleveland/Akron area. The quality and portions are outstanding. The Chai Puss octopus salad is an excellent appetizer and don't forget the sake to go with it. "
- ( [Jan 6th 2005]
"I have been eating sushi at Golden Dragon for many years now, and being in the Navy and traveling all over the world they are one of the finest sushi establishment, Chani and Hong are always good for a laugh too. "
- The Navy Man [March 5th 2007]
"This is for sure the best sushi I have eaten in Ohio. I have eaten sushi up and down the east coast, and this place ranks among the best. "
- Dave ( [Sept 8th 2009]
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Cuyahoga Falls

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