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Akai Hana (former Restaurant Japan) Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar Haiku
Hama House of Japan Kaya, Korean Barbeque and Sushi
Kooma Mr. Sushi Otani
Sapporo Wind CLOSED ! Seafood Japan Shokui

Akai Hana (former Restaurant Japan)

Name:Akai Hana (former Restaurant Japan)
Address:1173 Old Henderson Road, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614) 451-5411
Reviews:"Also a great Japanese and sushi menu. "
- ( [November 26th 1997]
"By far the best and most authentic Japanese restaurant in town."
- [July 9th 2001]


Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

Name:Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar
Address:393 Stoneridge Lane, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614) 471-8871
Review:"Great place! Don't be fooled by the strip-mall location. Trendy decor, fair prices & most important...great fresh food. "
- Carrie: Columbus, Ohio [Jan 10th 2006]



Address:High street,Short North, Columbus, OH
Reviews:"The hippest Sushi in Columbus...good sushi, but there is better in the city. Best decor."
- Matt Z. [June 21st 2000]
" "



Address:3945 Easton Sta,. Columbus, OH 43219
Phone:(614) 478-9543
Review:"Compared with other sushi restaurants in D.C., NYC, Chicago, LA, etc, this Columbus, OH sushi restaurant has the freshest and sweetest fish in the USA! Their hamachi and ika (ask for the squid to be served with the Japanese 'mint' leaf) arephenonmenal, as well as their spicy tuna roll. It is the perfect, non-mayo recipe. Staff has little turnover and are genuinely happy to serve. "
- Shari M. [June 5th 2005]


House of Japan

Name:House of Japan
Address:8701 Sancus Blvd., Columbus, OH
Phone:(614) 781-1776
Review:"This is a Japanese steakhouse with a sushi bar. Me and a friend decided to go eat sushi for the first time in my area. We were pleasantly surprised with this restaurant. The sushi bar is first-come-first-serve and has seating for approx. 6-8 people. The bar itself is small, but the menu is varied enough to keep you interested and trying new things. The food was fresh and wonderful and the chef was very attentive to your needs and whether you liked it or not. He took pride in his work. I'll definitely go back. As for the steakhouse side of it, I can only speak from casual observation, but the chefs were talented as you'd expect, and I saw a lot of families seated at the tables having a good time. It's a great place to take your family. Whether you're new to sushi or not you'll find this bar is just the thing to curb your craving. "
- Stephen Perry ( [Feb 1st 2005]


Kaya, Korean Barbeque and Sushi

Name:Kaya, Korean Barbeque and Sushi
Address:4710 Reed Rd. Columbus, OH 43220
Review:"Very delicious sushi!!! Best in Columbus as far as I'm concerned - the rolls are unique and sometimes they have less common offerings, such as cuttlefish. Prices are very reasonable for the gigantic roll sizes! "
- sjaantze42 [Mar 3rd 2008]



Address:37 Vine St., Columbus, OH
Phone:(614) 224-3239
Review:"Small and a little difficult to find. The sushi is excellent. "
- Jeff Wiedl [March 27th 2006]


Mr. Sushi

Name:Mr. Sushi
Address:1127 N Hamilton Rd., Columbus,OH
Phone:(614) 473-1028
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm, Sat: 10am-9pm,Sun: 10am-5pm
Review:"Great place. Possibly the freshest sushi in Ohio. I still don't know what they do to get it so fresh but it is great. Average pricing not cheap not expensive. Great place to eat. "
- Aaron Shaw ( [Dec 29th 2005]



Address:Route 161 at I-71, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614) 431-3333
Reviews:"Another great sushi and Japanese restaurant in Columbus. Otani has a lunch buffet with sushi and a weekend brunch. A favorite of my family on special occasions."
- ( [November 26th 1997]
"I had a wonderful evening at Otani. Very nice "club" atmosphere with live jazz. They are well known for having a very large selection of speciality Sushi rolls. In honor of the location, I tried the Columbus Roll and the Ohio State Roll. Both were excellent choices. The triangular shaped Ohio State roll was especially tasty. IŽll definitely eat here again while visiting Columbus."
- Frederick A. Yost


Sapporo Wind CLOSED !

Name:Sapporo Wind CLOSED !
Address:6188 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43231
Reviews:"This place is awesome. The best japanese restaurant in the midwest."
- Glenn West (
"This was good, but never the best in the city. In any case, it closed down 1-2 years ago. There's a Chinese buffet in it's place. "
- W Bloston ( [March 12th 2007]


Seafood Japan

Name:Seafood Japan
Address:1167 Old Henderson Road, Columbus, OH 43220
Phone:(614) 451-6002
Review:"This is a japanese grocery, but they sell to go sushi that is about the same price as what you would find in a normal grocery, but the quality is far superior. If you don't see something you like, they will make you special orders. The rolls have a lot of fish and the ginger is the lovely peach color it should be. "
- Greta ( [July 13th 2002]



Address:Grandview Ave., Columbus, Ohio
Review:"Best sushi in town. Very creative. New ideas. A must."
- matt z



Address:122 Hutchinson Ave, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614) 985-6441
Review:"Newer sushi shop in Columbus, has minimalistic interiour, but very clean and comfortable. The food is moderately priced, but very well prepared. The spicy hand-rolled sushi in particular are very good. Very easy to get to, less than 1/4 mile from 270. "
- [Nov 17th 2005]


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