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Arirang CLOSED ! Century Daishin
Ginza Sushi House Ohashi Otani
Pacific East Japanese Restaurant Parallax Sapporo Sushi
Shinano Shuhei Sushi 86
Sushi on the Square Sushi Rock

Arirang CLOSED !

Name:Arirang CLOSED !
Address:5131 Mayfield Road,(just down the road from Otani), Cleveland (Lyndhurst) OH 44124
Phone:(440) 684-9779
Fax:(440) 684-9780
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am - 10pm, Fri,Sat: 11.30am - 11pm, Sun: Noon-10pm
Review:"Arirang provides both sushi and Korean cuisine, the sushi can be a bit expensive but is very top quality, also during lunch they offer a 'all you can eat' sushi buffet Mon-Fri $ 12.99 and Sun $ 14.99. The owner and staff are very friendly and polite, definitley a most visit for sushi lovers. "
- Richard B. Lynden ( [February 23rd 2001]



Name:Century at the Ritz Carlton
Address:1515 West 3rd, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone:(216) 623-1300
Opened:Daily: 6am (?) - 11pm
Review:"First thing we have never seen a nonasian sushi chef until we dined at the Century restaurant. the sushi chef there is a young white american...At first we were not sure if we wanted sushi from him... We decided to anyways and let me tell you it was terrific.. The fish was so fresh we could not believe it, who would have thought Cleveland would have great sushi....and the rice was cooked and seasoned to perfection...we were simply amazed. we had the fourteen piece sampler.The portions were large annd the price was vary resonable, I think it was only twentythree or twentyfour dollars ... So if you are ever in Cleveland check out Century restaurant at the Ritz Carlton "
- Tony Martin ( [2nd August 2000]



Address:24545 Center Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH 44145
Phone:(216) 899-9969
- Sid Solo ( [July 25th 1997]
"Small and slightly dirty place. Dining room manager was impatient and rude with greeters and servers. Smoking section is located directly behind those seated at the bar -- not very nice! Nigiris were sliced thin and rolls were rolled quite small. No unusual fish for Cleveland area except presseed herring roe which no other place has in town. Sushi chef was not neat and clean (rice stuck to arms, apron filthy) and was snapping at younger chef (trainee?) Also, he kept tossing the fish back into the glass case with no care whether it landed on the proper spot or on top of some other fish. Overall worst experience in Cleveland."
- Bill Morgan ( [August 22nd 1998]
"Being the closest thing to me, it´s where I end up if too lazy to make my own. The rolls are small and not the greatest, but it helps get the cravings out. I go with the seaweed salad. The atmosphere is decent and service is adequate. Makes me wish I was back in New York."
- Kris Campana ( [April 10th 1999]
"I live near Daishin and I have to agree. The hostess is very snobby, never smiles. The place is very dirty, the walls look like there was a food fight and no one bothered to clean the walls. The fish is not very fresh. A trip downtown to the Ginza Sushi House is well worth the extra drive. "
- Rick ( [August 22nd 2000]
"It's not the best but not bad for the west side, the hostess (owner's wife) is very cold, otherwise no suprise, just plain old Mid-west sushi. Laurent ( [January 3rd 2001] Overpriced and underwhelmed... K. White [May 31st 2005]"


Ginza Sushi House

Name:Ginza Sushi House
Address:1111 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone:(216) 589-8503
Reviews:"Don´t be put off by the exterior or location of this sushi house; the food is excellent. For baseball fans, the location can´t be much better; Jacobs Field (home of the Cleveland Indians) is a two block walk away. The atmosphere of this sushi house is relaxed, and the service is attentive without being overwhelming. Party plates and sushi trays are available."
- Wolfgang Pelz ( [September 29th 1997]
" Probably the best sushi in the downtown/west Cleveland area. Spider Maki is a must. The service is good and the hostess (owner?)is really warm."
- Kris Campana ( [April 10th 1999]
"Ginza's interior is pleasant as was the service. We ordered 8 types of sushi, none of which had fish roe in it. This was a big hit with the teenagers in the group who consider fish roe to be "yucky". Ginza serves grilled salmon sushi -= first time I ever encountered warm sushi. "
- Doug Schneider ( [February 23rd 2001]



Address: 24539 Lorain Road, Cleveland (North Olmsted), OH
Phone:(440) 716-0988
Review:"Wonderful fresh fish for the expected Nigiri and Maki. The chef has also created some House Special Maki that are out of this world delicious. "
- John Dunning ( [April 17th 2007]



Address:Golden Gate Shopping Center I-271, at Mayfield, Cleveland, OH
Phone:(440) 442-7098
Reviews:"Otani is either second best or tied for first in the Cleveland area, depending on what you like. If you like whopping huge cuts of the freshest fish, then Shinano takes highest honors. However, if you like very creative, fun and unusual sushi, Otani is your place. Long time itamae Eddie makes unique items not listed on the sushi menu for his devoted customers. Unusual futo-makis with special sauces seem to be a favorite, but many exciting and wonderful dishes await the patient and appreciative return customers. When asked once ´What is the sauce on your volcano roll´, Eddie replied ´You come here long enough, you find out!´"
- Bill Morgan ( [August 22nd 1998]
- [May 22nd 2007]


Pacific East Japanese Restaurant

Name:Pacific East Japanese Restaurant
Address:1763 Coventry Road, (Corner of Mayfield and Coventry Roads), Cleveland, Ohio 44118
Phone:(216) 320-2302
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm, Fri: 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm, Sat: Noon-3pm,5pm-11pm, Sun: 3pm-10pm
Reviews:"Reservations necessary for weekend dining. Located in the historic Coventry Village neighborhood of Cleveland Heights (near CWRU and University Circle). The sushi here is the freshest and most innovative in town. Chef/owner Freeman Ngo, who honed his skills in NY at Nobu, offers brilliant sushi and excellent food from the kitchen. Family friendly, casual atmosphere. Not to be missed if you're looking for consistent quality and a great value. "
- Sally ( [Jan 21st 2004]
"If you want the FRESHEST sushi between here and California - seriously - you can't go wrong with this awesome restaurant. I don't know where he gets his fish, but it is far far better than anything else in Cleveland, even better than the best in Chicago, and as good as Vegas, but cheaper. Take it from a sushi snob, this place is awesome. "
- Dan Weiss ( [March 5th 2005]
"In one word, AWESOME!!! "
- Fred DeGrandis ( [Sept 20th 2005]



Address:2179 West 11th, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone:(216) 583-9999
Fax:(216) 583-0720
Reviews:"The best sushi in the downtown Cleveland area. The master sushi chef has an excellent twist on the classic rainbow roll with his use of a japanese mint leaf called shiso. I eat there at least twice a week and it is the most consistent food I've found. I lived on the coast in San Diego so I know good sushi. The non sushi menu is arguably in the top 10 of all Cleveland restaurants. "
- Rey Zabala ( [March 26th 2006]
"The sushi, as well as the regular menu is very good. I would not consider this a sushi restaurant, but a restaurant with sushi. The only thing I think that they lack is a better high-end wine list. Other than this, the food as well as the sushi is excellent. "
- Paul Mueller ( [June 21st 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sapporo Sushi

Name:Sapporo Sushi
Address:1940 East 6th Street, Cleveland, OH
Phone:(216) 579-7000
Reviews:"Great place for lunch, but get there early on Fridays because it fills up. The fish is fresh, and the atmosphere relaxed. 8 seats at the Sushi bar and about 4 tables with room for anoth er 12. I always sit at the bar, and half the time I get a free sample of something. It always has been good. A- "
- JoJo Levy ( [Sept 22nd 2004]
"Consistently good sushi at this downtown restaurant. Owners Kim and Yun are very nice and offer huge cuts of fish in both maki rolls and nigiri sushi. Try this place, you will be hooked! "
- Fred DeGrandis, Jr. ( [August 15th 2005]



Address:5222 Wilson Mills Road, Cleveland, OH 44143
Phone:(440) 473-2345
Reviews:"Informal restaurant, frequently familiy dining with excellent noodle dishes. Sushi bar is good sized and friendly. Average fish selection, fresh and good."
- Brian Mandell ( [November 25th 1997]
"This is (at the time of this review) by far the best sushi in Cleveland, and I have been to them all many times. Nice size place with large bar (seats roughly 20 to 24). Owned by head chef Jutaro (sp?), this cozy restaurant perfectly balances graceful Japanese dining with an informal and friendly atmosphere. But the sushi is the centerpiece. Very large nigiris and makis at a reasonable price, with creative and artistic presentation. Clean and tidy, the bar is a delight. Jutaro & Dave (the other primary chef) offer Cleveland´s greatest variety and freshest fish, especially on weekends. Chirashi and sashimi are generous and beautiful. Many Japanese frequent Shinano, and I assume that is a good sign. Also, best selection of sake in town, both warm (4 types) and cold (6 types)."
- Bill Morgan ( [August 22nd 1998]
"We received very small portions, 4 pieces of Nigiri, sushi was not fresh, and two pieces of stale california role 6 pieces all together for $8.95. Waitress did not specify only 6 pieces, and no salad. My lunch mate's chicken teriyaki was awful. Worst Japanese lunch ever! We left hungry and in shock, could not believe we spent $27 for NOTHING! Been eating Japanese Food since 1987. "
- Anna Milholland ( [Feb 12th 2006]



Address:23360 Chagrin Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44122
Phone:(216) 464-1720
- Sid Solo ( [July 25th 1997]
"The secondbest in Cleveland, but very average if you are used to the coast. Better cooked food. Limited sashimi fish selection, very rare to have toro, and virtually never any ´special´ fish. They will take reservations at the bar."
- brian ( [March 20th 1998]
"Good if somewhat uninspired sushi. Small bar almost always requires reservation. Widely regarded as most elegant sushi restaurant in Cleveland, and although prices reflect this, creativity and quality are not outstanding by any means. Actually somewhat stuffy, pretentious, pricey and overblown."
- Bill Morgan ( [August 22nd 1998]
"The sushi at this restaurant is very poor for many reasons. (1)Many cuts of sushi are pre-sliced effecting freshness. (2) The hand rolls and some types of sushi that need to be heated, e.g., unagi, are pre-made leading to unfresh and soggy food. (3) the sushi chefs pre-form the rice the sushi sits on. (4)the sushi chefs handle customer money and dirty dishes and then make your sushi without washing their hands. Sushi should be made to order and fresh. Shuhei breaks all the rules and is not recommended. "
- David [January 5th 2001]
"Wow! The other reviews could not be further from the truth! Shuhei is by far the BEST sushi in the cleveland area. Akira in Solon does come close though. Shuhei has the finest and freshest sushi, hands down. Try the Spider maki... mmmm. "
- Bryan Chaikin [April 5th 2004]
"I'm sorry but anyone that thinks this restaurant's sushi compares to the nearby Matsu (expensive) or even better Pacific East, just doesn't know good sushi. Let's put it this way - if you can smell it, it ain't fresh. Try Pacific East and tell me if I'm wrong. And NO I don't work for them. In fact I used to love Shuhei, then Matsu, but nirvana is the portions, price and freshness at Pacific East. "
- Dan Weiss ( [March 5th 2005]
"Is it me or is this Dan guy all over the place? Do you like this restaurant or not? Because it sounds like you like Pacific East better ('nirvana'?). But that contradicts your first statement that Shuhei is the best. I'm confused."
- [March 7th 2007]
"Hipster Hell - Shushi Rock is the place to be seen for annoying Cleveland jerks who don't know (or care)about good sushi and wish they lived in New York. Instead, go down to Ginza - much better fish, no pretention. To see how truly ugly Cleveland people can get - try to sit through a Wednesday night 'half-price' sushi night. "
- Kyle ( [July 2nd 2007]


Sushi 86

Name:Sushi 86
Address:144 Public Square, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 621-8686
Fax:(216) 685-1715
Reviews:"Carryout, only seats 7. "
- [April 13th 2001]
"For the size of the place, they have a good selection and the prices are reasonable. You can phone your order ahead of time for pick-up (which saves the hassle of waiting in line during the lunch rush!) "
- K. White [Jan 26th 2005]


Sushi on the Square

Name:Sushi on the Square
Address:13120 Shaker Sq., Cleveland, OH
Phone:(216) 921-7744
Review:"One of my favorites...In the top 5 list in Cleveland. "
- Fred DeGrandis, Jr. ( [Aug 15th 2005]


Sushi Rock

Name:Sushi Rock
Address:1276 W. 6th St., Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone:(216) 623-1212
Reviews:"Cool New Yorkish atmosphere, music hip but a little loud, ask to seat downstairs, you can see the comings and goings of the Cleveland Beautiful people. Food B+, try the special rolls, some are outstanding ( the Sushi Rock roll is a monster sized, and very mild). Nice bar, a little cramped. "
- R. Bailey ( [October 30th 2000]
"One of the best sushi restaurants in the US and definitely the state. Great rolls, great cuts, great atmosphere...soooo good. "
- Clark ( [March 20th 2006]
"Obviously funkybuddha is one of the owners or at least has connections to Sushi Rock. I've eaten the very best NYC, Chicago, LA, San Diego and Seattle have to offer. Sushi Rock does not buy quality fish. Just take a look at the pale pink color of their tuna and you will see what I mean. Tuna should be bright red not pink. This is NOT one of the better restaurants in Cleveland. You would be better served out at Shinto on Pearl Rd in Strongsville or at Parallax in Tremont. "
- [March 26th 2006]
"I have to agree with the last review. Sushi Rock was disgusting. The sushi was dry and poorly rolled. The only positive thing that a customer is paying for is possibly the atmosphere - period. "
- [Sep 11th 2006]
"This place sucks! You're paying for the faux (fake) hipster atmosphere... Don't come here if you want to eat decent sushi!"
- [April 9th 2007]
"I keep wanting to like Sushi Rock, but I just can't. The food is below average with high-end pricing. Decor is secondary when it comes to sushi in my opinion. Any neighborhood sushi joint in Chicago kills this place. Best in the State? Not likely anytime soon. My opinion is that Sushi on the Square and Ginza are both excellent! "
- Craig ( [Aug 1st 2007]


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