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Mei Sushi Bar Jo An Japanese Restaurant Ko-Sho
Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Mt. Adams Fish House Osaka
Sushi Ray Teak

Mei Sushi Bar

Name: Mei Sushi Bar
Address:Market Place Lane,Cincinnati, OH
Reviews:"Tucked away in a small cluster of restaurants and shops, this sushi bar is fairly new. Small, but sushi is excellent and they have a wide selection of appetizers. "
- [October 4th 2001]
"Mei Sushi is my favorite in all of Cincinnati. It is always fresh and the customer service is impeccable. If you are looking for the freshest sushi in an environment that is quiet, peaceful and serene than Mei is the place to be. "
- Sushi Lover [Sept 11th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Jo An Japanese Restaurant

Name:Jo An Japanese Restaurant
Address:3940 Olympic Blvd # 135, Cincinnati,OH
Phone:(859) 746-2634
Review:"What a world class Sushi Bar. Everything was fresh and presented very well. Coming from Seattle I know Sushi. Quiet and great service!! "
- Thad Metsker ( [Oct 10th 2005]



Address:215 East 9th Street, Cincinnati, OH
Phone:(513) 665-4950
Review:"On my sushi binge in Cincinnati, this spot in the central business district was fantastic."
- C. Sebastian ( [February 22nd 1999]


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine

Name:Kyoto Japanese Cuisine
Address:12082 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone:(513) 583-8897
Fax:(513) 583-8867
Opened:Mon-Thu:11am - 10pm,Fri-Sat: 11am - 11pm, Sun:Noon-10pm
Review:"Kyoto Japanese Cuisine is one of the best sushi restaurants in Cincinnati. Great fresh food, great fresh food, great quality and good service. "
- Efrain A. Miranda ( [Sep 11th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Mt. Adams Fish House

Name:Mt. Adams Fish House
Address:940 Pavilion Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone:(513) 421-3250
Fax:(513) 421-1446
Opened:Mon-Thur: 11.30am-11.30pm, Fri: 11.30am-midnight, Sat: 5pm-midnight, Sund: closed
Reviews:"Best Sushi bar in Cincinnati. Extremely large Sushi menu with great specials."
- Oh Kinjo ( [July 10th 1997]
"Having lived in Japan for almost 12 years I feel I know good Sushi/Sashimi. This is without a doubt the best I have had in the states. I would rate the restaurant as #1."
- M. Wentzel ( [January 6th 1998]
Link:Mt. Adams Fish House Homepage



Address:11481 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 10700
Phone:(513) 771-4488
Reviews:"Best in the Midwest! This is a customers opinion based on food, service and atmosphere."
- myya (
" You've got to be kidding. This is the worst sushi in Cincinnati. Tiny rice with old sushi cut so thin you can see through it. Drive 20 minutes up I75 and go to Akira instead. "
- Moen Digrassi [November 26th 2000]
"The worst experience ever... Never go there 1. They are not japanese 2. Worst sushi ever - fish is not fresh 3. They are rude..."
- [March 4th 2001]
" My husband have had sushi in many parts of the country. Osaka is one place we can always count on for a great dining experience. "
- Michelle ( [March 14th 2001]


Sushi Ray

Name:Sushi Ray
Address:1018 Delta Avenue, Cincinatti, OH 45208
Phone:(513) 533-9218
Reviews:"The freshest and friendliest in Cincinatti!"
- Tom Craven ( [February 22nd 2001]
" Excellent quality, well prepared and great service. Try the one in Mt. Lookout for dinner or the one on 7th street for lunch. Same owner. "
- Peter Olmsted ( [January 9th 2002]



Address:Mt. Adams
Review:"Ive tried just about all of the local sushi restaurants, and this is by far the best. The food is prepared and presented like no other in this city. Definitely two hashi up!!!"
- Brandon ( [July 7th 2000]


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