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Genki Kagetsu CLOSED ! Nikki's Gourmet Sushi Bar


Address:South College Rd, In the University Commons Shopping Ctr., Wilmington,NC
Review:"Was originally Ari Rang and changed hands and name about three years ago. Former owner had shop for about twenty years. She was Korean and left behind her recipes. The new owner is Japanese and is the chef. Recommended for sushi as well as Japanese food. "
- Michael Barnett ( [July 13th 2002]


Kagetsu CLOSED !

Name:Kagetsu CLOSED !
Address:4403 Wrightsville Av, Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone:(910) 452-5800
Reviews:"This is one of my favorite sushi restaurants.There was 'only' one chef, but he was fantastically quick in turning out generous portions of marvelous nigiri sushi, nori maki sushi, and pretty much anything I wanted. I highly reccommend their yellowtail; it's fantastic! "
- Alex Davit III[August 7th 2000]
"I have been to sushi bars from Raleigh to Key West. This is my favorite. The size and quality is awesome. A definite ****'s in my book. Try the spicy scallop. Also has many differnet specials. Just ask !"
- Press Edwards ( [February 21st 2001]


Nikki's Gourmet Sushi Bar

Name:Nikki's Gourmet Sushi Bar
Address:3500 Oleander, Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone:(910) 791-8887
Opened:11:00am - until
Review:"Great sushi. Probably the best since Kagetsu (my all time favorite) closed. One of the few places I've been that feature white tuna specials. There is another Nikki's downtown but it's a pain to get to because of parking. This one is at the front of the mall with plenty of parking and very friendly employees. A must try when in Wilmington. "
- Preston Edwards ( [Oct 2nd 2006]


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