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Kanki Kanki (2) Kuki
Lucky Cat Sushi @ FIGS Market Sushi Blues Cafe Sushi Thai of Raleigh
Sushi Tsune Tokyo House Waraji


Name:Kanki Japanese House of Steaks
Address:4500 Old Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone:(919) 876-4157
Fax:(919) 876-7699
Reviews:"Voted ´The Best in the Triangle´ for 10 years running. Excellent sushi, great atmosphere!!"
- Tommy Zwirblia (
"The sushi is very good, especially the tuna and salmon roe. The atmosphere is nice, but sadly, they allow smoking at the sushi bar, which keeps us away."
- Ben and Brenda Rose ( [June 26th 1998]
"Give me a break! The "best" sushi in the triangle must be voted by people who barely know what sushi is! Kanki doesn't even serve Japanese food other than sushi. The sushi tastes nasty too. "
- DWC ( [August 3rd 2000]
Link:Kanki Homepage


Kanki (2)

Name:Kanki Japanese House of Steaks and Sushi
Address:4325 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC
Phone:(919) 762-9708
Fax:(919) 787-4524
Opened:Seven days a week 5pm - 10.30pm
Reviews:"Voted ´Best in the Triangle´ for sushi for 11 consecutive years. 1998 winner in Spectator Magazine again !! Masa and Kazi from Waranji might want to get into some other business besides sushi because Kanki is ultimately proven to be the ´Best in the Triangle´. (Reuben R. Rodillas - General Manager)"
- Reuben R. Rodillas ( [May 25th 1998]
"By far the best sushi in the Triangle. Smoking is not allowed in the sushi bar. It's the freshest tasting sushi in town and the portions are just right. They have new rolls everytime I come in. The service is excellent too. I've had very rude servers at Waraji before. "
- Susie Miller [August 4th 2002]
"Susie, you are right about the Crabtree Valley Sushi bar being smoke free, which is the one we go to now. The last time I was at the Wake Forest Rd one though, which was the one I was referring to, they did allow smoking in the sushi area. In fact, at that time, someone was smoking at the actual sushi bar. That may have changed though since it has been a while. Kanki in Crabtree is very very nice, and the sushi has always been above average. Keep up the good work. "
- Ben and Brenda Rose ( (September 6th 2002]
Link:Kanki Homepage



Name:Kuki Japanese Restaurant
Address:6611 Falls of the Neuse Road, Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone:(919) 676-9881
Opened:Daily: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm
Review:" The Kuki is one of the poorest sushi experiences we have ever had. The service is horribly slow. It can take an hour to get your order. The sushi is also sub-par. Portions are very small, as well as the pieces. The environment is also crowded and noisy. Not the place to go for a pleasent dining experience."
- Ben and Brenda Rose ( [September 6th 1998]


Lucky Cat Sushi @ FIGS Market

Name:Lucky Cat Sushi @ FIGS Market
Address:Cameron Village Shopping Center, Raleigh. NC
Phone:(919) 719-0328
Review:"Opened in Nov 2004. Moriawase-Sushi made fresh through out the day. No compromise with ingredients, Big-eye Tuna,homemade Tamago, all ingds No MSG,vegan choices.Rice is usually perfect. Represents Japan well. Very reasonable prices. "
- Yarko ( [March 2nd 2005]


Sushi Blues Cafe

Name:Sushi Blues Cafe
Address:301 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC
Phone:(919) 664-8061
Fax:(919) 664-8062
Opened:Sun-Thu: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-Midnight, Fri,Sat: 5.30pm-2am
Review:"I've tried sushi in quite a few places in Raleigh. This is the best I've tried. Check out the web. Menu is great. Large pieces and all kinds of other delights. Great atmosphere. Parking could be a problem. "
- Press Edwards ( ) [October 2nd 2001]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Thai of Raleigh

Name:Sushi Thai of Raleigh
Address:2434 Wycliff Rd,Lakeboone Shopping Center, Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone:(919) 789-8180
Review:"Real sushi, real Thai, and authentic Japanese dishes that many have never heard of. Absolutely hands down the best sushi in the triangle. One of the owners, Tony, prepares sushi along side of his other chefs and holds all of them to the highest standard. Excellent prices as well. You won't go wrong here. Guaranteed to become a regular hotspot. "
- Rick ( [April 30th 2005]


Sushi Tsune

Name:Sushi Tsune
Address:Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27607
Review:"Extremely good with the best atmosphere at a Japanese restaurant I´ve seen."
- Justin Thomas ( [August 24th 1999]


Tokyo House

Name:Tokyo House
Address:7439 Six Forks Rd., Raleigh, NC
Phone:(919) 848-3350
Review:" Food is nearly as good as the Kuki, but the service is so much better that I drive a little further to get here anyway. "
- Charles [December 30th 2000]



Address:5919-147 Duraleigh Road, Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone:(910) 783-1883
Fax:(910) 783-0693
Reviews:"Forget Kanki! This is the best sushi in North Carolina !!!!"
- Lori ( [August 24th 1997]
" We had the privilege of dining at Waraji not long ago, and we agree with Lori, it is some of the best sushi in NC. Without a doubt, the biggest portions of tuna we have ever had. The atmosphere is pleasent and the sushi is wonderful. A must try for sushi lovers."
- Ben and Brenda Rose ( [August 22nd 1998]
"Great Restaurant! I cannot be sure whether it is the best in Raleigh for the moment(I am still exploring), but it is very good for sure. "
- Laura ( [June 21st 2000]
"Wasn't the owner/sushi chef once employed at Kanki ?"
- Freddie Funf ( [October 25th 2000]
"Waraji continues to be our favorite sushi in Raleigh! Yes, I do believe the owners were employees of Kanki, but they have shown the Kanki how to do sushi right! The most creative rolls in the world, including some really new and innovative ones, like the Shamoo Roll (about every type of fish rolled up on one). Without a doubt, the best sushi i have ever had "
- Ben and Brenda ( [April 8th 2001]


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