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Kabuto Mai Japanese Restaurant (CLOSED !) Musashi Japanese Restaurant
Nakato Nikko Restaurant i
RuSan's Tokyo CLOSED !


Name:Kabuto Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar
Address:1001-K East Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28213
Phone:(704) 548-1219
Opened:Lunch and Dinner
Reviews:" They have 4 locations in the city, but we frequent the one on Harris Blvd. Sato and Marty are two of the best sushi masters in the city. The traditional japanese food is limited, the green tea weak, and they allow smoking at the sushi bar which at times can be heavy when the nascar crowd is in town, making it impossible to taste your sushi. The staff is friendly, and the price is right."
- Michael J. Aceti [November 16th 1998]
"Kabuto (with 4 locations around Charlotte) is much better classified as a Tepanyaki Restaurant with a small sushi bar rather than a Sushi Restaurant with tepanyaki. If you want a restaurant that will please your non-sushi friends but will let you get a smattering of raw fish, this will work fine. If you're a sushi buff, don't bother. The quality will unimpress you and their selection will bore you. "
- Bill McCarthy ( [October 4th 2001]


Mai Japanese Restaurant (CLOSED !)

Name:Mai Japanese Restaurant (CLOSED !)
Address:5906 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC
Phone:(704) 552-1515
Fax:(704) 552-8484
Opened:Lunch Mon-Fri Dinner Mon-Sat
Reviews:"IMHO, the best sushi in Charlotte. Nice decor, friendly staff. "
- Jay Thomas (
"Chef Mine serves some of Charlottes freshest fish. Popular with Japanese."
- John Berres
"Very trendy and very chic. The selection is quite good and the atmosphere is decidedly Japanese. This is the most 'traditional' sushi restaurant in Charlotte. They also have robata as well as sushi, which is a nice plus. The price, however, is quite expensive and the service is a little spotty anywhere other than at the bar. They have tatami rooms for small to medium groups, and a delicious desert. "
- Bill McCarthy ( [October 4th 2001]
"Best Japanese in town. Lunch is very reasonable, chirashi is $10 and specials are $7. Dinner is a litle pricey but very good. Service can be slow unless you are dining with Japanese. Best Sushi in town. "
- Michael Barnett ( [July 13th 2002]
"Still the best in town. "
- Michael Barnett ( [April 30th 2006]
"Closed or number is now Mexican place w/ conflicting responses to 'where is Mai'. "
- (Apr 3rd 2007]


Musashi Japanese Restaurant

Name:Musashi Japanese Restaurant
Address:10110 Johnston Rd. (Hannaford Plaza off Park Rd.), Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone:(704) 543-5181
Opened:Closed Mondays
Reviews:"The chef/owner does an excellent job with impecably fresh fish. Be sure to check the specials board and his Japanese menu."
- John Berres
"Traditional Japanese foods beyond sushi. Sushi selection limited but great. Japanes families come to this restaurant. More suited to a Japanese meal than a sushi dinner. "
- Michael Barnett ( [July 13th 2002]
"Still the best family style Japanese place in town. Mai has better sushi but Musashi has betteer family style food. "
- Michael Barnett ( [April 30th 2006]



Name:Nakato Teppan-Yaki Unique Sushi Bar
Address:8500 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte,NC 28226
Phone:(704) 543-8899
Fax:(704) 543-9346
Opened:Sun-Fri: 5pm-10pm, Sat:4.30pm-11pm
Reviews:"For great sushi in North Carolina, Nakato is the place to be. Kyogi and Yoon are the best chefs and they stand inside a sushi bar that has boats going around the entire perimeter in water with sushi on boats for you to pick from. This place is awesome."
- ( [November 8th 1998]
"Place is a joke for sushi. You're less than a mile from Mushashi...go there. "
- Michael Barnett ( [May 31st 2006]
Link:Nakato Menu



Address:1300 South Blvd. # S (just south of Uptown), Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone:(704) 370-0100
Reviews:"An extremely quaint but modern sushi restaurant. The owner Joanna (and often chef) is extremely warm and generous. The selection is good and they have daily specials that are lovingly prepared. This was a guilty little pleasure that was right across the street from work, and was the best sushi in town until RuSan's opened up. It's still a great restaurant and has a much more intimate atmosphere than RuSan's. I recommend it highly. "
- Bill McCarthy ( [August 7th 2002]
"Overpriced and not really very good. Only time I would recommend is if your were riding the trolley because you had no car, HAD to have sushi and had more cash than brains...or an expense account. "
- Michael Barnett [June 16th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Restaurant i

Name:Restaurant i
Address:1524 East Boulevard, Charlotte, NC
Phone:(704) 333-8118
Reviews:"I recently had the extreme pleasure of dining at Restuarant i in Charlotte, NC located in the former Mangione's in Dilworth at 1524 East Boulevard ... Phone 704-333-8118. This restuarant is a Japanese Fusion eatery opened in July, 2004 and is run by Masori (Massa) Kobubu, whom I had the pleasure of meeting, and his partners. The bottom line is: Exquisite! My companion and I started the meal with appetizers of Bombay Roll (a shrimp and rice sushi) and Red Rose Tuna. The Bombay Roll was a beautiful serving of shrimp, rice, and avocado. The Red Rose Tuna was a beautifully plated serving of raw tuna with Japanese spices and seared with hot extra virgin olive oil. I also had a bowl of Seaweed soup ... a clear broth based consomme that was specially prepared for me as I am on a salt-free diet. My companion and I both had a striped bass entree that was plated so beautifully that we both hated to destroy the presentation to eat it, but, eat it we did ... and enjoyed every bite immensely. We finished off with a white peach with white peach sherbet and with a plum ice cream ... both of which were outstandingly delicious. Hats off to Chef Massa and his staff and wishing them much well deserved success. "
- Robert L. Gale ( [Oct 16th 2004]
"Fusion sushi, not traditional. Fresh fish but served in strange ways. "
- Michael Barnett ( [May 31st 2006]



Address:2440 Park Road (across from the Red Cross),Charlotte, NC
Phone:(704) 374-0008
Reviews:"Oh. My. God. This is my absolute favorite sushi restaurant I've ever been in (with the possible exception of RuSan's Atlanta restaurants). The sushi is very fresh, the cost is very reasonable, the atmosphere is upbeat(!) and the variety is unparalleled. Their menu is 8 pages long and they have nigiri and sashimi by the piece for as little as $1 each. The maki and temaki are huge and exquisitely arranged, and they have some truly original futomaki (try the Gone With The Wind). They go far beyond the bounds of traditional sushi, with amazing and tantalizing results. I never miss it when I come through town. There's nothing like it. "
- Bill McCarthy ( [August 7th 2002]
"RuSan's lost the manager who opened the place five or so years ago. Still a fantastic lunch buffet but it has calmed down lately. I danced on a table w/a Pathers cheerleader during the opening party and I'm an old fart...but cute. "
- Michael B ( [May 31st 2006]
"I love it! I have introduced new sushi eaters and sushi lovers alike and RuSan's is now a favorite for all. "
- Kym [Nov 7th 2009]


Tokyo CLOSED !

Name:Tokyo Restaurant
Address:4603 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28209
Phone:(704) 527-8787
Opened:Closed Mondays
Reviews:"By far the best sushi and traditional Japanese food in town. Private tatami rooms for meetings. It is the place the local Japanese population likes to call home."
- Michael J. Aceti [November 16th 1998]
"Very good all around sushi restaurant. Decent selection, good quality, and reasonable prices. Never a bad time. "
- Bill McCarthy ( [October 4th 2001]
"Fair to good sushi. Ru San's (part of Atlanta chain) is better quality and half the cost. "
- Michael Barnett ( [July 13th 2002]


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