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Kashin Little Tokyo Sushi Thai


Address:Cross Roads Shopping Center, Cary, NC
Review:"Great Sushi and Service. Also traditional Japanese food. "
- [Nov 23rd 2003]


Little Tokyo

Name:Little Tokyo
Address:1401 SE Maynard, Cary, NC
Phone:(919) 467-5011
Review:"One of the first places that I ever tried sushi was here. I have since tried many others but this has been the best. With every meal you get free miso soup and a crab and fish mayonaise appetizer. Sometimes they even give you a little dessert for free. You can't beat the prices. "
- Kristen [May 10th 2006]


Sushi Thai

Name:Sushi Thai
Address:106 Kilmayne Drive, Cary, NC 27511
Phone:(919) 467-5747
Fax:(919) 467-3969
Reviews:"Horrid service - uncaring management. We felt very taken advantage of. Were literally asked to leave as soon as we paid our very expensive bill. Had not finished our drinks yet. Wrote manager twice - no response at all. Very unprofessional. Lots of complaints from others regarding service. "
- eblair ( [March 8th 1999]
"Read "other" review of Sushi Tai, and it was way off base. Ive dined there many times since it opened and service is always excellent. Sushi is always fresh and some of the best Ive had. I have encouraged others to try Sushi Tai, and they are all hooked! No complaints here! Try the "Deep Fried Bakery", especially first timers..."
- RGlancy
"I agree, the guy whos there at night (seems to be the manager) is incredibly rude and has no idea what service means. But the lunch time people are MUCH better."
- Don ( [July 3rd 2000]
"We LOVE sushi thai!!! the staff is wonderful and have always been nothing but courteous to us, in fact they usually help me to my car w/ my take out orders. also, when my family of world travellers visit us, they insist on sushi thai! keep up the great work!!!!!! "
- denise delnero ( [April 7th 2003]
"My family and I have eaten at Sushi Thai in Cary for a number of years, and the one person said it all; 'the so called night manager' is extremely rude, borderline hateful, and personally I do not think he even likes children. We were under the impression that 'Sushi Thai' was a family restaurant! I am so glad someone started this site regarding Sushi Thai. Everyone seems to think it is the best restaurant in Cary when in fact............yes the food is great, but the management is horrible along with the service, that is if you like your food being passed across another person's table only to be set down at yours! The bottom line is my family & I have quit going completely and WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!! F. McDavid [Feb 25th 2006] ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Very very rude staff. Our toddler and infant were hungry and loud waiting for food. They asked us to leave ASAP. I have never encountered this kind of service. I will report them to BBB. Please avoid this restaurant. ----------------------------------"
- Jay ( [July 30th 2006]
"I have lived in the Raleigh/Cary area since 1993, traveled all over the US and Sushi Tai has some of the best sushi I have eaten. The fish is fresh, the rolls are large and service is always top notch. We also love their kormas. "
- [Nov 19th 2007]


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