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Chan's Red Apple Restaurant Sushi Excellent Tomo's
Yi's Sushi Den

Chan's Red Apple Restaurant

Name:Chan's Red Apple Restaurant
Address:1724 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10305
Phone:(718) 667-3100
Reviews:"This is an all you can eat joint for $12.95. Not buffet style, you can order dragon rolls etc. or three rolls for $10. Not fancy but definitely fresh and great sushi. This is my favorite place to eat sushi, I always feel like I'm getting my moneys worth. I have gone to some nicer places spending a lot more money, leaving hungry and never feeling the sushi was better then My Red Apple. "
- April ( [Nov 22nd 2005]
"LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Best value for the $$. Sushi is fresh, delicious and affordable. I am there way to often! Where else can u eat unlimited fantastic sushi for $15?? They even have coupons!! LOVE THIS PLACE! "
- Jenny [Jan 28th 2008]

Staten Island

Sushi Excellent

Name:Sushi Excellent
Address:366 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY 10306
Phone:(718) 667-5362
Reviews:"Hands down the best in Staten Island and possibly New York City. The name of the restaurant sounded really tacky at first -- we almost passed up on it, but decided that we should check it out first (we were also running out of places to see). Excellent service and very clean (when the bathroom's clean, that's also another good sign!) --and alot of customers on weeknights, too. Now, it is the ONLY sushi place my family and I visit! So long as they maintain their excellent reputation, they're here to stay. "
- Teocarlo Pulgar ( [Sept 7th 2004]
"EXCELLENT !! From the service- both dine-in and takeout, to the food- peerless in Staten Island and probably the entire city; this restaurant stands out in so many areas and quickly became a favorite place of my to frequent for both lunch and dinner. Even my family, who would not ordinarily pick Japanese cuisine first off when sifting through menus for dinner, immediately loved the food and now asks to order from SE- over over well known restaurants in the area- like Oriental Plaza and Arirang. They have fantastic service and in only a couple of weeks, I was on a first name basis with much of the staff. Where else can you get a 'total package' restaurant like this ? With 15 years of dining experience, I can say, not many. A must for oriental cuisine afficionados, more than worth a try- or two- for the not yet faithful."
- [Jan 3rd 2005]
"EXCELLENT restaurant. The service is great, the bathroom makes you feel like you are at home, EVERYTHING, from the flowers that refreshen, or the soap, everything is from BATH & BODY Works. The food is one of a kind of sushi. The atmosphere makes you eat very comfortable. Sushi Excellent has a very good parking lot. The restaurant is beautiful. With a few visits, a few words to the waiter, they will remember you and will service you even better. The food is a little bit on the expensive side, but the food is excellent and magnificent compared to 85% of the other sushi places. What they give you is more than what you pay for. The food is in heaven. Especially the shashimi (the raw fish)and the sushi specialties are coutless amouts of stars for SUSHI EXCELLENT. THE SUSHI IS REALLY EXCELLENT. "
- Donna VIctoria Marcelli [Sep 18th 2006]

Staten Island


Address:Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY
Phone:(718) 227-5100
Fax:Daily until 10pm, Mondays Closed
Review:"Evertything fresh. Special orders...'no problem'. Sushi chef...Yoshi is sacred in Staten Island. Definitely the best I've ever had yet, and I have been around. Trust me !"
- Lisa-Marie Arpaia ( [August 3rd 2000]

Staten Island

Yi's Sushi Den

Name:Yi's Sushi Den
Address:1405 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314
Phone:(718) 698-1217
Fax:(718) 698-1217
Opened:Mon-Sat: Noon-10.30pm, Sun: 3-10pm
Reviews:"Absolutely the best sushi anywhere....What sets it apart is the fact that the owner is involved with the making of the sushi. "
- Robert Mackle ( [July 8th 2001]
"Since the last review, maybe the owner sold it? I don't know. What I do know is how bad this place is now. The food is poor quality. It was prepared like a school cafeteria lunch. Very cheap looking. The pieces were very small, and they were not prepared well at all. It looked like they were prepared by a student using a dull knife. Falling apart, uneven, just awful. The miso soup was watery, almost no solid pieces in there. Just nasty. The salad was OK, except for the dressing. Here again they seem to be trying to save money by using water. Maybe this place was good at one time, but no more. There are 2 other Sushi places within a mile of this one. Either of those would be a better choice. "
- Alex ( [June 9th 2004]

Staten Island

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