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Mino´s Sushi House

Mino´s Sushi House

Name:Mino´s Sushi House
Address:47-49 Caroline Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone:(518) 580-9653
Opened:Mon-Sat: Noon - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm, Sun: 5pm - 10pm
Review:"Sushi Chef Mino has had a very loyal following of customers for many years as he has worked in or owned numerous restaurants serving Japanese fare from Albany, N.Y. to Bolton Landing, N.Y. on Lake George. In 1997 his followers began converging on his latest endeavor which he opened in this city known world wide for its thoroughbred horse racing. While the start of Mino´s Sushi House was very modest, only 16 table seats were available plus 6 at the sushi bar, Mino is in the process of expanding the restaurant into an adjacent storefront to more than double capacity. I emphasize the capacity because many a customer has previously stood out in the cold of Winter as they waited for a table or seat at the sushi bar. In the smaller establishment no reservations were accepted. What attracts so many people, regardless of the wait, is the promise of VERY fresh sushi, excellent cooked Japanese dishes from the kitchen, and very reasonable prices. The number of students who repeatedly stop in from nearby Skidmore College is evidence enough of the recognized value for the dollar offered here. 28 varieties of Nigiri starting at $1.25 and 38 varieties of Maki from $3.75 keep both fish lovers and vegetarians happy. The Saratoga Roll (eel, salmon, yellowtail and cucumber rolled with sprouts) for $5.75 is truly unique, filling and tasty. A favorite of my wife´s is the ume shiso roll (pickled plum with mint leaf, $3.75). Whether you enjoy your sushi as an appetizer, a la carte or as your main course, there is a choice to satisfy your tastes. If you prefer to start with more traditional appetizers, you will find the familiar gyoza (pan-fried beef or vegetable dumplings, $4.25) and shumai (steamed or fried shrimp dumplings, $4.25) along with more than a dozen other choices including oshitashi (boiled spinach with ginger sauce or sesame flavored miso sauce, $4.50) and cooked fern (boiled fern sauteed with mirin and sesame oil, $4.00). From the kitchen, you can also enjoy ´Hot Pot´ dishes (Sukiyaki, $14.95 or Yosenabe, $15.95) served with soup, salad and rice. The ´Combination Box Dinners´ are a real treat for those who want to sample a variety of the foods available. They start at $14.95 and include soup, rice, salad, California roll, dumpling, rice noodle, shrimp tempura and a choice of: chicken teriyaki, beef negimaki, salmon or tuna teriyaki or lobster. Of course you can wash all this down with a choice of sake, plum wine, red or white wines, Japanese or American beer or soft drinks. If you still have room for dessert, try one of the ice creams ($1.75), (ginger is MY favorite) fried banana ($2.75) or leechee fruit ($2.75)."

Saratoga Springs

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