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Nanuet, USA/New York.

Sakana U-ME Sushi Restaurant


Address:West Route 59, Nanuet, NY 10954
Phone:(914) 623-2882
Opened:Mon-Thu 11:30-10pm Fri, Sat 11:30am-11pm
Review:"This is the real deal in fine quality Sushi, and Habachi. Chef/Owners Doug Nygen and Van are not only great Sushi chefs they are artists, featuring some of the freshest, and most creative dishes one can imagine. With experience at some of the best Japanese Restaurants in the New York, New Jersey area including Nobu, I personally think Doug and Van create the best Sushi dishes I have ever set my lips on. Furthermore, not only are these guys incredible at making fine Sushi arrangements, the quality of the fish is about the best I have ever tried. The portions are big and multiflavorful. Doug and Van are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet, they are wonderful people too. "
- Damian J. Costanzo


U-ME Sushi Restaurant

Name:U-ME Sushi Restaurant
Address:237 West Route 59,Nanuet, NY 10954,Seaman Shopping Center
Phone: (914) 623-3110
Fax:(914) 623-3134
Review:" What a wonderful find. This is a good find. You must try this place. It is big with a sushi bar for 14 people and seating for over 100 in two rooms-I had lunch and two dinners there--The must haves are ANATA ROLL at $9.50 (Lobster/F.F./Avocado/cucumber)-- Baked Ika roll(Baked Ika/F.F./Cucumber)-- Excited Roll(Ebi/Tampura/S Skin)-- Sushi Lovers Roll (1P Ea./F.Sake/Ebi(?)Yellow Tail/Tuna/Ircal)-- Sea Scallop Roll with Asparagus-- and the Margaret Secret and I wont tell you what is in it stop by. "
- Steve Schneider ( [October 17th 2000]


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