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Kyoto Saso´s (CLOSED !)


Name:Kyoto Japanese Restaurant
Address:1094 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12208
Phone:(518) 489-6966
Opened:Tue-Fri: Noon - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm, Sat: 5pm -10pm, Sun: 5pm - 9.30pm
Review:"Very nice sushi bar with a great chef and staff."
- ( [April 11th 1999]


Saso´s (CLOSED !)

Name:Saso´s Japanese Noodle House
Address:218 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
Phone:(518) 435-7789
Opened:Tue - Sat (Take out and catering available)
Reviews:"Superb listing of fresh sushi. Great atmosphere with art from Saso himself hanging on the wall. Friendly service and delicious food! "
- Eva Lee [june 29th 2000]
"Fabulous Sushi. One of their specials, Indulgence Roll, has salmon, tuna, crab, avocado, cream cheese, and is encrusted with black caviar. It is indescribable. This restaurant has been open for about 4 years and it the best Japanese restaurant around, always packed out with people waiting, always superb. "
- Georgia Russo
"I always have a dilema when I walk into this restaurant, sushi or noodles. This restaurant is an excellent source for both well made sushi and noodle dishes. Saso is a fixture behind the sushi bar with wonderful preparations of fresh sushi and sashimi. Also great is the selection of noodles with soba, udon and ramen that are all well prepared. "
- Steve Otruba ( [Aug 16th 2005]
"Sadly, Saso's has closed. The business is closed, and the building, has been sold to a family that intends to turn it into another kind of Asian restaurant. There goes the best sushi and noodles in the area. "
- Steve Otruba ( [Aug 3rd 2009]
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