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Estana CLOSED !

Estana CLOSED !

Name:Estana CLOSED !
Address:Stelton Avenue, Piscataway, NJ
Review:"Dear friend; My wife and I have become sushi fanatics, we are constantly looking for new restaurants in the NJ area. We have recently come across a place called ESTANA, it is a Malaysian/ Japanese restaurant located in Piscataway NJ on Stelton ave. It has just opened up within the last few weeks. This place has the best sushi I have ever tasted!!!! The chef was a pleasure to speak with and encouraged us to try several things we had not yet tried or tried and did not like in the past. I have never liked unagi before and told the chef this, he made me a piece of sushi with some seasoning on it and I was very weary, it was delicious whatever he had done was great because I truly enjoyed something I could barely stomach in the past! The price is very reasonable we spent $45.00 and ate like royalty. He gave us several pieces on the house just for us to try different tastes. It is not a intimate setting, more of a family type place with a small sushi bar on the side away from the main seating, but you don't need to sit at the bar for sushi if you choose not to. You should put this place on your web site it truly deserves to get recognized. I hope others enjoy it as much as we have because restaurants have a tendency to come and go. I noticed you have Diamatsu in Mountainside NJ posted, it says that this is an excellent place, this is true because we live nearby and eat there often. Just as a comparison Estana blows it out of the water!!! I do not work for this place as you might think from my e-mail. I just love sushi and I am very glad to find a wonderful place close to my home. Feel free to contact me for any information. "
- Vanessa Scienze ( [March 20th 2001]


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