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U-Yee Sushi

U-Yee Sushi

Name:U-Yee Sushi
Address:675 Route 1 South and Gill Street, near Newark, NJ
Phone:(732) 283-7888
Fax:(732) 283-2538
Opened:daily lunch and dinner
Reviews:"This is a very new sushi bar. They donīt have their beer and wine licence yet. The restaurant is located across Route 1 from the Woodbridge Mall, go west on Gill Lane to get to the entrance. The portions were large, maybe even too large."
- Philip W. Dalrymple III ( [June 8th 1998]
"The best sushi/sashimi in Central New Jersey area, based on my experience of 10 other locations. Much better than when they first opened up. In addition, on Sunday, it is half-price for eat-in and the portions are still large. Beer and wine are now available. "
- Omar [January 22nd 2002]
"Since I really only ate sushi here, I thought I loved sushi, but really I only like U-Yee sushi! And, now weeknights also have half price sushi! Try the calamari rolls! Also, the spicy tuna is one of my favs! The mexican too...THEY ARE ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!"
- [July 16th 2004]
"I love U-Yee... Currently I'm craving their Volcano Rolls. Their rolls are good, creative and made fresh. The half price rolls on weeknights is the way to go. Oh man... I'm drooling just thinking about it... Everyone should try U-Yee because it's so great."
- [April 8th 2005]
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