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Mr. Sushi

Mr. Sushi

Name:Mr. Sushi
Address:60 Beaverbrook Road (Beaverbrook Shopping Center), Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Phone:(973) 628-8638
Opened:Daily: Noon - 11pm
Reviews:"This place is always busy and the food is therefore always at it's best. They have a 19.95 all you can eat special that is prepared by master sushi chefs. It my opinion, you can go somewhere else, but it will just cost you more. "
- Frank P. Orofino ( [Jan 21st 2004]
"The sushi at this place is VERY fresh! My family and I go almost every other week, and everytime we go, the fish is always fresh. Also, whenever fatty tuna and sweet shrimp is in season, the head chef always hooks us up. I would highly recommend this place! "
- sushi lover [April 16th 2004]
"Mr. Sushi is one of the best places in Northern NJ. The value is well worth it and for $19.95 the quality far exceeds the value. Jack goes to the Fulton fish market in the mroning to get his seafood which is why it is so good. On a weekend you may need to wait in line, but well worth it. "
- Allen from L.F. [Feb 4th 2005]

Lincoln Park

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