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Ginza Restaurant CLOSED ! Koreana Restaurant Makkoli Seafood Buffet
Wasabi House

Ginza Restaurant CLOSED !

Name:Ginza Restaurant CLOSED !
Address:286 Route 18,East Brunswick,NJ 08816
Phone:(732) 698-2828
Fax:(732) 698-2829
Opened:Daily:11 am -10.30 pm, Fri,Sat: 11 am - 11.30pm,Sun,Holidays: Noon- 10.30 pm
Reviews:"Sit at the Sushi bar with 12 of you friends. But don't dance to the Disco in the room next door, Stand up jokes are ok. Have the Sushi Deluxe at $17.95 is 18 assorted pcs. will fill you up. The Sashimi Appetizer 9 pcs. at $8.95 was very good. "
- Steve Schneider ( [April 8th 2001]
"My roommate and I went here, and it is amazing and SOOOOOOOOO inexpensive!!!! I would recommend it to anyone--we will definitely go back. The fish was very fresh, tastey, and the portions are good. The two of us ate til we were stuffed for under $30!! GO THERE!!! "
- Amy Protano ( [Sept. 10th 2003]

East Brunswick

Koreana Restaurant

Name:Koreana Restaurant Korean & Japanese Foods
Address:572 Highway # 18, North at mile marker # 37,East Brunswick,N.J. 08816
Phone:(732) 967-0500
Fax:(732) 967-0600
Opened:Mon - Sat: 11.30 am -10.30pm, Sun: 1 pm - 10.30 pm
Review:" When KOREANA of Paramus N.J. closed it doors I thought it was never to reopen. This past week I was visiting an account in East Brunswick and looked over and saw the words Korean and Japanese Foods. Turning my car in and stepping into Koreana was a shock. Same name. Same owners. But a very different place. The Sushi bar was very small, only 4 people could sit there. Going to a table I looked over the offerings; Tuna;Sea Bass;Flying Fish Eggs;Sea Urchin; and more. The Sushi was not soft and fish was tasty. I had to save room for the Nahkji Bokum, its Octopus was what I had craved at their first location. "
- Steve Schneider ( [April 8th 2001]

East Brunswick

Makkoli Seafood Buffet

Name:Makkoli Seafood Buffet
Address:415 Route 18 South, East Brunswick, NJ
Opened:See website
Review:"Great AYCE buffet featuring freshly made sushi, sashimi, salads, raw bar, and many cooked Japanese dishes including tempura, soups, hibachi, and much more! Dinner is no more than $19.95. No time or sushi limits! And, sushi is actually tasty, well-made, nicely presented. Fish is of excellent quality and overlaps rice. "
- Art Hannah ( [Jan 19th 2007]

East Brunswick

Wasabi House

Name:Wasabi House
Address:Suite C, Colchester Plaza # 77 Tices Lane, off Route 18 South side, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone:(732) 254-9988
Opened:Mon- Thu: 11 am - 9.30pm,Fri: 11 am - 10.30pm,Sat: 3 pm - 10.30 pm, Sun: 1pm - 9.30 pm
Reviews:"Small Place,hard to find if your not from the area. My friend had been there. VERY NICE. the Sushi bar can fit a large group. Go there eat there. "
- Steve Schneider ( [April 8th 2001]
"I recently went to Wasabi and have been back two more times within two weeks. This is a great restaurant-the sushi is amazing! It is so fresh and tastey and there are many creative rolls! You must try the House Roll and really any other roll. "
- Amy Protano ( [Sept 15th 2003]

East Brunswick

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