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Mikado OhYoko! Sushi


Address:2320 Marlton Pike West, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Phone:(856) 665-4411
Reviews:"You would never find this place without someone pointing it to you. It is what looks like a 'used to be' restaurant, next to a place called 'The King of Pizza'. But it is on one of the major routes into Philadelphia from New Jersey. Inside, you are passed into the calm. Tasteful, quiet, soothing. You have entered a secret place. The Chef has shopped the dock this early AM.{I have only had lunch here} If you want fresh, order from the extensive menu. It is so GOOD! But it you want 'this is what I bought today' - so fresh and creative sushi, order the Sushi Lunch. It is an assortment of 4 pieces and a Calfornia roll, served w/a fresh salad and Miso soup. It costs all of $(USA)7.50. But if you want, almost quivering, fresh, creative, 'oh please, oh, please' art on a plate: order the Sashimi lunch ($[USA]8.95). Everytime I ordered it; it had 5 kinds of fish, with a healthy piece of each (over an inch) of thinly sliced fish. And it is beautifully presented. I haven't sat at the sushi bar yet, it is small. But they have 3 chefs/interns working behind it at lunch. You can go to New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and not find better at MUCH more expensive prices. Go, be happy, keep it a secret. "
- Morgan ( [January 7th 2003]
"Following Morgan's reccommendation, I tried Mikado, which just happens to be seconds from the Shop Rite where I buy kosher meat. Mikado lives up to the 2003 review. I've been there many times, and the quality of the fish is consistently spanking fresh. It gets really busy at lunch but the specials are unbelievably generous and well-priced. Long live Mikado! "
- Denise Gluck ( [Jan 20th 2006]

Cherry Hill

OhYoko! Sushi

Name:OhYoko! Sushi
Address:1428 Route 70 West, Cherry Hill, NJ
Phone:(856) 857-9050
Reviews:"This quaint restaurant is absolutely wonderful. The husband and wife are the owners and they are the nicest people. The fish are flown in from Honolulu and the freshness is immediately evident. The maki rolls were prepared to perfection. Definitely a work of art and not sloppy like many other places. The toro glistened and melted as soon as I put it in my mouth. My wife adores the decor and fell in love with the hostess, who is the owner. OhYoko is ultimately the best sushi spot in Cherry Hill. We and our friends and family are hooked. "
- John ( [Dec 12th 2006]
"The first time I went, I took a date to this restaurant and we ordered a bunch of stuff. We really enjoyed it. They have an auroura roll which has no rice in it so it's extra healthy, I suppose, as well as tasting good. I get the okonomiyaki every time I go. It's a Japanese pancake that's drizzled with sauce. No complaints. "
- Edwin Shaw ( [Dec 13th 2006]
"This is the BEST sushi and Japanese fusion restaurant in South Jersey. Do you know any other place that has a marble sushi bar? What about tropical fish swimming behind the sushi chef ? Okay, so the fish actually swim on a plasma t.v screen but it's as realisitic as a hole into the ocean. And, with the ever-so-slight neon lighting, sitting at the sushi bar is reminiscent of relaxing beneath a glowing full moon. This restaurant has a serene ambience that just relaxes you. I absolutely love this place. "
- Vivica S. Lee ( [March 9th 2007]

Cherry Hill

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