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Address:1224 St. Georges Ave. (Route 35), Avenel, NJ 07001
Phone:(732) 602-0100
Opened:Closed Monday, Tue-Sun: 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm, Sat: 5pm-11pm, Sun: 5pm-10pm
Review:"This is a review I wrote for a quarterly newsletter that I put out. Dare to challenge the Hasaki Style. Kange Kim plays the resurrector and gives the dead some life. Though as is the nature of sushi, it hasn´t been dead very long. (Editor´s note: The word ´dead´ is probably not a good word to use at the beginning of a restaurant review, Author reply: I am the editor, too and I don´t care). There is no question in my mind that Hasaki is my favorite sushi restaurant. Simple decor and elegantly prepared sushi is all I need. Kange is the man. He´s a baseball and basketball fan to boot. And other sushi chefs would probably try to bite his Hasaki style. The Boston Roll ($4.95) is a favorite. It´s a combination of, well, I´m not exactly sure what. And I don´t want to be giving away any secrets. But I think it´s got both salmon and tuna chopped up with some flying fish roe and mayonnaise, along with lettuce wrapped in sticky rice and seaweed. The Miso Eye ($8.95) is another good roll which adds some egg to the mix. You can never lose with the spicy tuna roll ($4.95). It´s even better if ordered as a hand roll. Kange´s tangy spicy sauce makes for something too tasty for wasabi, with only a slight need for soy. Hasaki also has a full Japanese menu so there´s something for the landlovers as well. No hibachi tables though. Kange is a professional that is true to his craft. HE is the owner and sushi chef of Hasaki. He runs the restaurant like a field general. Issuing orders while rolling up his sleeves and getting into fray with guns blazing. A little over the top for a restaurant review, but what do you expect from a creative. Don´t get distracted by my writing. If you like sushi, do yourself a favor and go to Hasaki. If you love sushi, I don´t know if I want you there. I´d hate to not to be able to find a seat at the sushi bar. ´It belongs in a museum´ OK, Indiana you´re right. Like artifacts in a museum, the sushi of Kange Kim is too wonderful to not be shared by many. I was just being selfish. Sushi afficionados will agree. The Hasaki sword style is immensly stron."
- Lawrence La Raia ( [October 12th 1997]


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