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Dynamite Sushi

Dynamite Sushi

Name:Dynamite Sushi
Address:30 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH 03051
Phone:(603) 889-0055
Fax:(603) 889-0787
Opened:Mon-Sat 11am-10pm
Reviews:"The very best in the area. Fresh sushi excellent saba. Great variety of Korean Thai and Japanese foods. Try the Kimchee maki. Ho is the sushi chef and he loves to give samples. Ho teaches a sushi class once a month for his regular customers."
- Paul Marquis
"Great selection of sushi including unique rolls. Very nice cooked food as well, including Thai influences. Huge menu, reasonable prices, great weekend lunch specials ($1/nigiri). Interesting decor."
- Amy & Ken (
"Wonderful service and reasonable prices. The sushi is fresh and the presentation is first rate. The staff is so pleasant, they make it a joy to go out for sushi. One of my favorites in the area. "
- Skip Giles ( [October 15th 2000]
"An extremely pleasurable dining experience. The entire menu is expertly prepared, and provides a taste and experience that you will cherish. We've tried all others in the area, and Dynamite I is head and shoulders above them. Ho and his staff make customers feel like family. "
- Don & Mickey ( [April 13th 2001]
"Our family loves to eat at Dynamite!! Ho is very friendly with the kids and the food is the best!!! We go quite often!!! "
- Aline, John, Kate & Amber [June 16th 2003]
"Ho is unparalleled for sushi in New Hampshire. Invariably the best quality cuts, selected and arranged with skill. The variety of rolls and combinations are unique and imaginative."
- Paul Augros ( [July 18th 2005]
"This place is amazing! Huge selection, tons of great photos and descriptions to help pick between the tremendous variety. Everything is delicious and surprisingly affordable / large portions. The specialty maki come in small/large sizes which is nice for mixing and matching. They also have incredible samplings of korean food, i.e. bibimbap. The only bummer is this place is TINY! I suggest sitting at the sushi bar, or else be ready to bump elbows with the people at the table next to you. Calling ahead on fri/sat is probably a good idea! Now that osaka tea garden is closed, this is the best sushi in the Nashua area, and the only place that has a hardcore focus on it. Everything else is a teppenyaki or asian fusion restaurant that also serves some sushi. Dynamite Sushi is SUSHI! Go here! It is delicious. :D "
- Joseph Mattleman ( (Aug 21st 2009]
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