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Aloha Sushi Ichiban Sushi Club
Sushi Pier Sushi Terri Woo Chon

Aloha Sushi

Name:Aloha Sushi
Address:3338 Kietzke Ln., Reno, NV 89502
Phone:(775) 828-9611
Reviews:"The chefs are friendly and food is excellent quality! The atmosphere isn't very classy and personally I'd love to see them remodel the interior of the restaurant. Seriously though, I go for the food and friendliness of their staff. Their lunch menu includes all the items you can get for dinner, including favorites like the Godzilla. My favorite is a roll not on the menu: The Momma Roll (Its incredible!) "
- Ben Efros ( [August 16th 2004]
"I went to Aloha Sushi last night. I wasn't particularly impressed. I wasn't given the option for 'not-all-you-can-eat', which I didn't really want, because I wasn't too hungry. I went a little after 8pm. They close at 9:30 on weekdays. The fish wasn't very fresh. The maguro was the best. I ordered a Rainbow roll, which was particularly fishy and unfreshly, and I could barely get one piece down. I then left promptly. I will give them one more try before I cross them completely off my list, probably in the early afternoon, when there's a chance the fish will still be cold. "
- Anon [Dec 20th 2006]
"Nice atmosphere friendly staff. BUT THE SUSHI IS NASTY!! I love sushi and they just used old rice, and too much of it. The taste was horrible. I recommend spanish springs sushi, sushi terri, or anywhere else. "
- Rachel [June 16th 2008]



Address:210 N. Sierra / Reno - Downtown
Review:"Japanese steak house & sushi bar"
Link:Website of Ichiban


Sushi Club

Name:Sushi Club
Address:294 E. Moana Ln., Unit 1, Independence Square, Reno, NV 89502
Phone:(775) 828-7311
Opened:Daily: from 11.30am
Reviews:" Food and service are great. The all you can eat prices are the best in Reno and the selection is top notch. The chefs and staff are friendly. 20 bucks gets you a membership(2$ off for a year and a t-shirt)."
- Dan McMartin ( [January 22nd 1999]
"Sushi club rocks. the all you can eat deal is the best.less than $20.00 for all you can eat not for an hour,until you can't take anymore. the staff is awesome and the fish is always fresh.try to get wayne's station if you can ,fast and furious. this is the only place to go in the land of the buffet's. "
- Mike ( [January 8th 2002]
"I've been to Sushi Club 3 times. Each time we went we had horrible service (food was good though). It seems that this isn't an isolated set of three incidents as when I talk with coworkers they usually agree. One time we went, we waited at a table (not bar) for over 1.5 hours before our Sushi order was delivered. Our drinks went unfilled and we had to repeatedly ask (4 times) to get our second order in. Lately I've been going to other restaurants. "
- Ben [August 16th 2004]
"Their service varies depending on your age as a customer. If you look younger, you're treated as a second class citizen. I won't be returning. "
- Anon [Nov 3rd 2005)


Sushi Pier

Name:Sushi Pier
Address:1290 E. Plumb Lane, Reno, NV
Phone:(775) 825-6776
Reviews:"Best Sushi bar in Reno. You can't beat the service, selection, and freshness. The prices for all you can eat are good too, and with two locations you rarely wait for a place at the bar. "
- Aaron [June 16th 2004]
"Though the sushi was OK, I got sick after my second visit."
- Robby [March 4th 2005]
"Reno, Nevada. Jan. 13, 2005. The Washoe County District Health Department recently investigated an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness associated with the Sushi Pier 2 restaurant in Reno."
- Josh [March 5th 2005]
" "


Sushi Terri

Name:Sushi Terri
Address:Reno, Nevada
Review:"Voted #1 world wide like three years ago - absolutely incredible food and surprisingly low prices - All you can eat for 13."
- Mark von Thaden [July 3rd 2000]


Woo Chon

Name:Woo Chon
Address:5085 South Mc Carran Blvd., Reno, NV
Phone:(775) 825-2552
Reviews:"Wonderful sushi(best fish in Reno) plus all you can eat (if you wish). They also serve excellent korean cuisine. The sushi chef is fun and the staff is extremely nice. Great food! "
- Marek Krampera ( [August 15th 2000]
"Consistently a great quality! If you go in a large group for all-you-can-eat, make sure you place orders for the nigiri or hand rolls... otherwise you'll end up with Americanized rolls. "
- Anon [Nov 3rd 2005]


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