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Fuji Sushi Oishi Streakhouse and Sushi Yoshi's Sushi

Fuji Sushi

Name:Fuji Sushi
Address:84 Clarkson - Wilson Center, Chesterfield, MO
Phone:(636) 530-1392
Review:" "
- Doug Schneider ( [Septmeber 25th 2001]


Oishi Streakhouse and Sushi

Name:Oishi Streakhouse and Sushi
Address:100 Chesterfield Valley Rd (The Valley/Chesterfield Commmons)
Phone:(636) 530-1198
Review:"My fiancee and I stumbled upon Oishi Steakhouse and Sushi last night and wow, were we lucky. We ventured to the right side of the restaurant which is a very modern and exciting hibachi/teppanyaki room. The hibachi chefs truly entertain you with their tricks - much better than most hibachi places. But their tricks were secondary to the quality (and quantity) of the food. My fiancee ordered filet mignon which was an superb piece of steak (had the perfect thichness ands flavor but was not fatty at all). A definite choice for steak lovers. I believe it was around $19 and it came with a salad (try their ginger dressing), miso soup, a great and large assortment of hibachi-cooked vegetables, 2 shrimp with a nice sweet lemon sauce, noodles and rice. I am looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch. I chose the shrimp and scallop combo which was 20 and of course came with all the same things. It included 2 large and scrumptios scallops. The servers, hostesses, and managers were excellent and very comforting. They were constanly walking around with different sodas and water to refill glasses before they become empty and were glad to fulfill any request - you did not need to wait for a specific waiter. We also had sushi as an appetizer as we did not expect the quantity and quality of food yet to come. The dynamite roll was my favorite sushi roll in St. Louis! I urge you to check it out for yourself. "
- Todd ( [Jan 30th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Yoshi's Sushi

Name:Yoshi's Sushi
Address:1637 Clarkson Rd., Chesterfield, MO 63005
Phone:(636) 536-7778
Fax:(636) 536-2999
Reviews:"I have eaten at dozens of sushi restaurants in my time, and many places that happened to serve sushi, (the latter can hardly be called sushi, Note*if you have more than a casual interest in sushi, you owe it to your self to forgo the buffets, and expirience a real sushibar.) Now back on topic: Yoshi's in Chesterfield was at first, completely dismissed by me on the basis of it took up residence in a strip mall where a jewish deli used to be,(shermies) I then heard that the former 'I love Mr. Sushi' was the owner and decided it was more than worth checking out. I was impressed. Among the top 3 sushi restaurants I have ever been to. Mr. Sushi prepared our food personally and his attention not only to the flavor but the presentation of the nigiri and rolled items We ordered was tremendous. I highly recommend talking to the chef, his dry humor may scare off some but his advice might get you to eat something that you haven't ever tried. I recomend Hot saki and eel. I would gladly go back. 5 out of 5 top runner for best in St. Louis area. "
- Tony Scherer [Jan 20th 2006]
"One of the best two or three places for sushi in St. Louis. Yoshi already had considerable skills at I Love Mr. Sushi, and a trip back to Japan and a stint at Iron Chef Morimoto's place in Philadelphia honed those skills wonderfully. Highest recommendation. "
- Richard Berman ( [Jan 30th 2006]


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