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Benihana Cafe Sushi Minato Sushi
Tokyo Sushi and Grill


Name:Benihana Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Address:1985 W. Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084
Phone:(248) 649-6340
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm, Fri: 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-10.30pm, Sat: Noon-10.3opm, Sun: Noon-9pm
Review:"I just got back from the sushi bar... it was very good tasting sushi, the presentation was nice, they had wonderful miso soup... the sushi bar (which also includes tables and booths) is all non-smoking (which is wonderful!) The only bad thing I have to say about this restaurant is that they are too close to where I live; I am going to go broke! "
- Michael ( [April 3rd 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website


Cafe Sushi

Name:Cafe Sushi
Address:1933 West Maple rd. (15 mile between Crooks and Coolidge), Troy, MI
Phone:(248) 280-1831
Fax:(248) 435-8911
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am-2pm,5.30pm-10.30pm, Fri,Sat: 11.30am-2pm, 5.30pm-11pm, Sun: 4pm-10pm
Review:"Cafe Sushi, is a recently new restaurant in Troy (I believe the owners also have a sushi restaurant in Novi). This is a very nice restaurant, from the décor to the very friendly staff. Definitely a great spot to take clients for a business dinner. Café Sushi, is a full service Japanese restaurant, with a very extensive menu, with lunch, dinner, and daily specials, multi-course (5-7) Omakase dinners, Sushi and Shashimi dinners as well as a very nice sushi bar. I went for lunch and was the first person there, the sushi was above average, and the miso soup was probably the best I have had. I am sure I will be back again, especially with business clients, but Nippon Kai in Clawson still has the best tasting sushi I have had in my area. "
- Michael ( [August 13th 2003]


Minato Sushi

Name:Minato Sushi
Address:3630 Rochester Road, Troy, MI 48083-5213
Phone:(248) 526-0425
Reviews:"I recently read a review for this restaurant which said that it was as good as Noble Fish. I wanted to see for myself, and this is a great restaurant. The sushi some of the best tasting sushi I have had in Michigan. The staff was friendly and it was not very expensive. Nippon Kai has been y favorite up until this point... they are both wonderful (I would recogmend both) Minato sushi also has several special rolls and I always see the chef giving people free rolls to try. "
- Michael ( [Sept 10th 2003]
"Hi, our names are Jenni and Karen. We visited Minato for the first time, Wednesday 8-4-2004. The staff was very friendly. The sushi was the bomb. We want more dragon roll. We dream about it all the time. The eel and avocado melted in our mouths. Another favorite of ours is the spider roll. We have been tasting sushi all over the metro detroit area for the past year and we have found our favorite-MINATO!!!!! After dinner they serve fresh melon balls, which we found to be a delightful touch. Our sincere love to Minato, we like sushi not relationships karen and jenni "
- karen ( [August 23rd 2004]


Tokyo Sushi and Grill

Name:Tokyo Sushi and Grill
Address:30 W. Square Lake Road, Troy, MI USA
Phone:(248) 828-0090
Opened:Mon-Fri 11am-10pm Sat 11am-11pm Sun 11am-10pm
Reviews:"Everyone claims it, but this is really the best in this part of the Detroit area. Owner (Chris) is usually there and is very friendly. Will even do custom orders. So if you're east of Woodward, head to Tokyo!! "
- Joel Feldman [August 7th 2000]
"Great Place To Eat Sushi. The Staff Is Very Very Friendly. The only place I've been (out of 10 sushi bars/restaurants) that gives you a free salad with ginger dressing. The prices here are very affordable without sacrificing quality. "
- Tony Talarico ( [August 24th2002]


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