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Buffet Max City Genji Japanese Steakhouse Hello Sushi (New Address)

Buffet Max City

Name:Buffet Max City
Address:5212 Bay Rd, Saginaw, MI 48604
Phone:(989) 497-8888
Review:"Alright, so its a buffet. It's all maki sushi, and the only raw preparation is salmon. However, the Sushi at dinner time at Buffet Max City is on par with the Maki sushi I've eaten at Genji and Hello Sushi. The prices here can't be beat, and the ingredients are fresh and delicious. "
- Chance [Mar 3rd 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


Genji Japanese Steakhouse

Name:Genji Japanese Steakhouse
Address:3840 Bay Road, Saginaw, MI
Reviews:"VERY fresh and tasty Sushi, knowledgeable and friendly staff. "
- Michael Temple ( [June 14th 2005]
"I follow the 3 strikes and your out rule. I've visited this place a total of 10 times. I've received food poisoning twice and had tuna come to the table tasting like soap. If you want a good atmosphere go here. The service is fairly lousy with half hour waits for a glass of water. The habachi grill is good, but not outstanding, however I will never order sushi here again."
- [Feb 25th 2008]
"My boyfriend and I go eat sushi about once a week. We either go to Hello Sushi or Genji. Genji is our favorite place. Genji's sushi seems more fresh.I like their rice better and they have a lot of things that Hello sushi does not, like the Spicy Jamaican roll. I'm a big fan of spicy and while Hello Sushi has the generic 'spicy sauce' genji has a chili powder blend that my boyfriend and I can't get enough of. Both places are great places to eat. Genji is a little more expensive, but I think it's worth it. "
- Emily [May 27th 2008]
"I've been here twice to enjoy some sushi and was treated like I was there to clean the bathrooms..... 30 minutes just to get a drink in an empty sushi bar. Nothing in stock, and my tuna tasted like dish soap. I would not recommend this place to anyone. The atmosphere is great but I love food not the circus. "
- Kevin ( [june 23rd 2009]


Hello Sushi (New Address)

Name:Hello Sushi (New Address)
Address:2575 Tittabawassee, Saginaw, MI 48604
Phone:(517) 790-0022
Fax:(517) 790-3050
Opened:Mon - Fri: 11am -2.30pm , 5pm - 9.30pm, Sat: 5pm - 9.30pm,Sun: 4pm -9pm
Reviews:"Delightful staff. High quality sushi. "
- Fred Helfrich ( [October 17th 2000]
"The food is amazing! Someone from my family eats there almost once a week. The staff is very friendly also. I would HIGHLY recommend it. "
- Caitie [Dec 4th 2004]


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