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Godaiko Kagayaki Conveying Sushi and Noodle Restaurant Makkara Sushi & Japanese Grocery
Makkara Sushi (2) Miki Sadako
Sushi.come Take Sushi The Sushi Shop CLOSED !
Wasabi CLOSED !


Name:Godaiko Japanese Restaurant
Address:3115 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor, MI
Phone:(734) 930-2880
- Matti Jokelainen ( [August 24th 1999]
"Horrible service. They tried to cheat our group by charging us 24% gratuity after taxes. Great food but not satisfied and never returning. "
- [August 23rd 2004]
"Probably the most americanized japanese restaurant I've been to. Sushi presentation is not that bad, but selection is moderate with sashimi. Definitely overpriced. For that price, I suggest you try elsewhere. "
- Ken ( [Oct 26th 2004]
"Godaiko is a very good restaurant. It has a tatami room for big groups with sliding screen doors. This is hard to find. This is mainly a restaurant for business men to have dinner meetings at. There is a charge for using the tatami room and having your own server. This is common, the charge is 24% of the total bill, which =$0 if you were in the mind set to leave 30% before you even arrive. To leave a low amount tip when renting a special room and the services of your own cute waitress is shameful and should not be done, however americans routinely do this at 15% which is why they began to charge 24%. I personally think it is to low for the services provided and should be 25%-30%. It is very difficult on the waitress to serve 10 or 20 americans all with special requests (another no-no) who remain for many hours then to receive a small tip and a big mess. This is the best deal around for tatami room. The few other tatami room restaurants have a minimum charge total for the bill. The sushi chefs are experts from japan and have been practicing for many years. I recommend this restaurant. "
- Experienced Michigan Japanese Restaurant Visitor [May 16th 2005]

Ann Arbor

Kagayaki Conveying Sushi and Noodle Restaurant

Name:Kagayaki Conveying Sushi and Noodle Restaurant
Address:4037 Carpenter Rd., Ann Arbor,MI
Phone:(734) 677-2688
Review:"Great food and the conveyor is fun. My wife and I became instant regulars. "
- Alex [May 16th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website

Ann Arbor

Makkara Sushi & Japanese Grocery

Name:Makkara Sushi & Japanese Grocery
Address:1768 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI
Phone:(734) 994-0960
Fax:(734) 994-0980
Opened:Mon - Sat: 11am - 10pm, Sun: Noon - 8pm
Review:"I've frequented this restaurant for two years and am very satisfied. Not only is the quality of the sushi excellent, but the prices are easy on the wallet. The service is excellent, adding a deep sense of comfort to the joy of sushi enjoyment. "
- Steven F. Fox ( [July 26th 2000]
" "
Link:Restaurant Website

Ann Arbor

Makkara Sushi (2)

Name:Makkara Sushi
Address:3014 Packard St., Ann Arbor, MI
Phone:(734) 677-0980
Fax:(734) 677-0981
Opened:Mon-Sat: 6am - 8pm, Closed Sundays
Review:"I've been going to this restaurant for over 2 years and am very impressed with their prices and the quality of their sushi. "
- Steven F. Fox ( [August 3rd 2000]
Link:Restaurant Website

Ann Arbor


Address:106 S. First Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone:(734) 665-8226
Fax:(734) 665-1301
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am-2pm, 5.30pm-10pm, Fri: 11.30am-2pm, 5.30pm-11pm, Sat: 5.30pm-11pm, Sun: 5pm-10pm
- Christoper Ballard ( [June 1st 1998]
"Absolutely the best sushi my family has ever had. We regularly drive the 100 miles from Battle Creek to Miki to enjoy the best sushi in Michigan (or Chicago, or anywhere!). PS - And they welcome families with small children with open arms. "
- Doug Butler ( [August 1st 2000]
"Miki is the BEST Japanese restaurant I have ever been to (and thats a whole lotta restaurants). The food is EXSEPTIONALLY GOOD, the service is great, and the restaurant is great. A must go! "
- Helen Shi ( [April 5th 2002]

Ann Arbor


Address:South University, Ann Arbor,MI
Reviews:"Opened in September 2004 Awesome! Best I've had in or outside Ann Arbor. Definitely worth a try. "
- Robert Dargis ( [Oct 5th 2004]
"Not a great experience, wasabi was weak, ginger had no kick and water to drink. Food looked good but had no taste. Service was horrible. They don't offer you 'complementary tea' you have to ask for it, then they only give you one cup; don't expect the waitress to check back after she serves you. If you like your sushi with a bit of a kick and a glass of plum wine you will be sorely disappointed. "
- [June 8th 2006]
"Was visiting from Montreal. Had a great time. Food was very good and, good news, it was the first day the restaurant had a liquor permit. My 14 month old baby loved the teriyake salmon. All and all, a very satisfying experience. "
- Antoine Durocher ( [Aug 16th 2006]

Ann Arbor


Address:715 N University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone:(734) 213-3044
Review:"Good sushi, good prices; consequently there can be a wait at lunch. Nice selection of specialty rolls, always fresh. "
- Mike Dushane ( [July 13th 2002]
Link:Restaurant Website

Ann Arbor

Take Sushi

Name:Take Sushi
Address:3125 Boardwalk
Phone:(734) 997-2121
Fax:(734) 997-2124
Review:"Nice atmosphere, beautiful sushi, and very polite staff make eating here a joy. Reasonably priced."
- Kim Rhodes ( [june 29th 2000]

Ann Arbor

The Sushi Shop CLOSED !

Name:The Sushi Shop CLOSED !
Address:619 Packard, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone:(734) 623-8280
Fax:(734) 623-8281
Opened:Mon-Thu 11am-10pm Fri-Sat 11am-12pm Sun 4pm-8pm
Reviews:"Sushi with a twist. Fast, fresh food with a fun and exciting feel. The Sushi Shop offers free delivery (City limts), and a very helpful staff. This place is going to be a BIG HIT!"
- Juan Melendez
"They went out of business... "
- Mike Dushane ( [July 13th 2002]

Ann Arbor

Wasabi CLOSED !

Name:Wasabi CLOSED !
Address:115 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor, MI
Phone:(734) 222-5219
Fax:(734) 222-6271
Review:" Reasonable prices, good selection and service, and some interesting, if somewhat pricy specialty rolls. Try the Rainbow Roll! "
- Matti Jokelainen ( [April 18th 2001]

Ann Arbor

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